102 Baby Boy Names That Start With Au

AubeidullaA noble son; learned person; a guideBoy
AubeletAn old English nameBoy
AuberAesir's bearBoy
AuberiRule of an Elf; powerful and kind heartedUnisex
AubertinFrench name derived from AubertBoy
AuberyA blond rulerBoy
AubinLatin - Fair; White; Bright; Derived from name Albus; Variant of AlbinBoy
AubinnetThey are progressive, fun loving and free thinkingBoy
AubourNature nameBoy
AubrayRuler of the alvesBoy
AubreighA person with magical powersBoy
AubreyA blond and a elf rulerBoy
AubrielA German elf rulerBoy
AubriellaStrength of a GodBoy
AubynLatin name meaning whiteBoy
AucamanWild condorBoy
AuctorFoster father of ArthurBoy
AudayTo arrive at a spotBoy
AudelEnglish - Old FriendBoy
AudenEnglish - Old Friend; Scandinavian - Deserted; Desolate; Variant of AldenBoy
AudieEnglish - Guardian of Riches; Noble Strength; Variant of name AudeyBoy
AudleyEnglish - From the old Meadow; A variant name is AudlieBoy
AudraNobility and strength in a personBoy
AudricGermanic - Old and Powerful Ruler; A variant name from AldrichBoy
AudrickA noble friendBoy
AudunA person who is a friend of wealthBoy
AudvikOne of names of Lord Shiva; Light of Lord Shiva which Never DiminishesBoy
AudwinA noble friendBoy
AugerName derived from the French personal AlgerBoy
AugustName derived from lord AugustusBoy
AugustaMajestic and grandBoy
AugustanGreat and venerable rulerBoy
AugustasA great rulerBoy
AugustenSomeone who is great and magnificientBoy
AugustijnFrench, Czech, Romanian and Croatian form of AugustinusBoy
AugustinRomanian form of AugustinusBoy
AugustinaHuge and grandBoy
AugustineLatin - August; Dignifies; Holy; Derived from the element 'augustus' which means to increaseBoy
AugustinoGrand and very huge like a magnificientBoy
AugustinusLatin - August; Dignifies; Holy; A vairant of name AugustineBoy
AugustoLatin - August; Dignifies; Holy; A vairant of name AugustineBoy
AugustuSicilian form of Augustus, meaning venerable.Boy
AugustusMagnificient and splendidBoy
AuicatusA healer; a just and powerful KingBoy
AujZenith or the climaxBoy
AulaAnother name for Prophet MuhammedBoy
AulatmajaThey are God of Earth; remainderBoy
AulaySomeone of the ancestral heritageBoy
AuliJoy; Happiness; Short form of AulikkiBoy
AumThe Sacred Syllable; Name of God in its unmanifested formBoy

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