21 Baby Boy Names That Start With Aur

AurangThey are full of wisdom, understanding and a watercolorBoy
AuraqDust colored, or sand coloredBoy
AurasaA gentle being; highly intellectualBoy
AuravGod of Dawn; Goddess of DawnBoy
AurekA bold, blond person; golden hairedBoy
AurelianAn emperor who is golden colored; broadmindedBoy
AurelianusA golden and gilded person; shiny hairedBoy
AurelienLatin - Golden Haired; A variant of name AureliusBoy
AurelioLatin - Golden Haired; A variant of name AureliusBoy
AureliuA form of Aurelius, meaning golden or gilded.Boy
AureliusLatin - Golden Haired ; Derived from the elements 'aureus' meaning goldenBoy
AurenHeard or Laurel; A variant of name is AuronBoy
AureoA respectable being; they are golden hairedBoy
AuricThey are good natured, humble and passionate beingBoy
AurickGermanic - Ruler of all; Noble Ruler; Old Norse - Ever Ruling; A variant of AlaricBoy
AurikThey are a noble leaders; maintain harmony and balanceBoy
AurjityaThey are filled with energy, vigour and powerBoy
AuroneeA FirewoodBoy
AurumOne who has deep inner truth; glowing dawnUnisex
AurvaName of a Rishi; Grandson of Rishi Bhrigu; Sanskrit - Born of the thighBoy
AurynA powerful person; golden haired individualUnisex

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