49 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ava

AvabodhaA wise person who has keen perceptionBoy
AvachatThey are receptive, passive and truthfulBoy
AvachinThe one who has an armor, determined and rigidBoy
AvacudaA precious pendant; ornamented individualBoy
AvadataOne who is of a clear and excellent breedBoy
AvadhOne who never dies; PowerfulBoy
AvadhaName of a place which never diesBoy
AvadheshKing Dasaratha; King of AyodhyaBoy
AvadhootGod Dattatreya; Name of Lord Dutta; Sanskrit meaning is AsceticBoy
AvadhutaOne who has been shaken offBoy
AvagahaOne who gets absorbed or plunged intoBoy
AvahulThe mighty one who cannot be defeated; A creative, imaginative and charming personBoy
AvajayVictory; one who always winsBoy
AvajayaOne who wins by a conquest; overcomingBoy
AvajitaOne who always wins by the conquestBoy
AvajyutaAn enlightened individual; illuminated oneBoy
AvakThe first one who has a great personalityBoy
AvakasaA manifest; one who is visible to allBoy
AvallochA level- headed, honest individualBoy
AvalokOne who BeholdsBoy
AvalurIt is a Surname and its meaning is not knownBoy
AvanOne who is a little abbot; owner of the worldBoy
AvaneeshMaster of the Earth; Lord of the whole worldBoy
AvaneshLord of strength; Lord Shiva who is owner of EarthBoy
AvanideepThey are the lamp of the EarthBoy
AvanikoA mighty ruler and the King of stateBoy
AvaninderHe is the majestic King of the EarthBoy
AvanindraKing of the Earth; Lord of the earth;Boy
AvanipalOne who protects and nourishes EarthBoy
AvanipalaThey are the protector of the EarthBoy
AvanisaThey are the ruler and king of the EarthBoy
AvanishGod of the Earth; Lord of the earth;Boy
AvanishwaraThey are the Lord of the Earth; handsomeBoy
AvaniswaraThe handsome King of the EarthBoy
AvantasThey are friend of all; faithful oneBoy
AvapakaIt's the spotless bracelet of precious metalBoy
AvaranaThe one who provides shelter and coverBoy
AvariyasMeaning not better; they are charmingBoy
AvarlochAn able, adaptive and rational individualBoy
AvarnaOne who has a fun loving nature and timid personality; colorlessUnisex
AvarodhaAn obstacle; they are barriersBoy
AvarokinA brilliant and shining individual; humbleBoy
AvasheshRemainder; Something that remainsBoy
AvasthyaA suitable individual; adaptable personBoy
AvasyuOne of many names of Lord IndraBoy
AvatarIncarnation; DescendingBoy
AvataranOne who arrives or comesBoy
AvatsaraA superb presentation made in front of GodBoy
AvayaThe first born who is the purest of allBoy

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