64 Baby Boy Names That Start With Avi

AviA fantastic father; loving and charismaticBoy
AvianA father of multitude; bird like creatureBoy
AvicalaA steady and immovable beingBoy
AvicatiAn artistic and virtuous being who loves to enjoy companyBoy
AvichalUnmovable; one who cannot be moved or changedBoy
AvidOne who has lot of wisdom and is accepted by allBoy
AvidanA father figure; God is just and kindBoy
AvidantaAn unsubdued being; compassionate and friendlyBoy
AvidorThe one who is the father of multitudeBoy
AvidosaA faultless and loving human beingBoy
AvielleThey are God of all and is a father; powerful oneBoy
AvienOne who has a noble strength and is powerfulBoy
AvierA vigorous and loving human being; Hare's meadowBoy
AvigdorA protecting and nurturing father figureBoy
AvighnaRemover of Obstacles; One of many names of Lord GaneshaBoy
AvignonName of a place; the one who who came from FranceUnisex
AvijitInvincible; Unconquerable; One who cannot be defeatedBoy
AvijitaOne who cannot be conquered by anyoneBoy
AvikBrave; Might; Powerful; One with Strength of a DiamondBoy
AvikaBright as a Sun; charismatic personality; DiamondUnisex
AvikalaEntire universe; a unique and perfect individualBoy
AvikalpWhich has No Options; Matchless; Unique; No EquivalentBoy
AvikamHebrew - My father has risenBoy
AvikariOne who cannot be changed; unique personBoy
AviklavaA honest, blunt and comfortable personBoy
AvikrishCoward; Not brave enoughBoy
AvikshitNot See Before; Unique; Never seen something similarBoy
AviksipaOne who is not able to distributeBoy
AviksitOne who is underdeveloped and is never seen beforeBoy
AvilashFaithful; One who is Loyal and trustworthy; ReliableBoy
AvilionA golden rainbow; beautiful and uniqueBoy
AvimelechMy father is kingBoy
AvimuktaOne who cannot be cut looseBoy
AvinThe son of Ashim; beautiful and handsomeBoy
AvinasaIndestructible; Invincible; Cannot be Conquered; UndefeatableBoy
AvinashIndestructible; Invincible; Cannot be Conquered; UndefeatableBoy
AvinashiIndestructible; Invincible; Cannot be Conquered; UndefeatableBoy
AvinashpalOne who cannot be destroyed; and also protectsBoy
AvinasiThe one who cannoted be defeated by anyoneBoy
AvinavNew AireBoy
AvinayOne who is blessed with Success and accomplishments; Calmness; QuietBoy
AvindhyaUnmovable; one who cannot be moved or changedBoy
AvineshwarThe arrival of God on EarthBoy
AvinoamA pleasant natured fatherUnisex
AviragaOne who is unceasing; growth orientedBoy
AvirajA bowman; king of KingsBoy
AviralContinuous; Ongoing; Unbroken; Permanent; ConstantBoy
AviramaOne who is without any reposeBoy
AviratContinuous; Unbroken; Permanent; ConstantBoy
AvirathaA continuous being; always in motionBoy
AvirbhavOne who is evolving and is always in progressBoy
AvisaKing who is live givingBoy
AvishSea; Ocean; Vast expanse of water; One who's emotions are deep like the oceanBoy
AvishaiOne who is the wonderful gift of GodBoy
AvishekInaugration of a new startBoy
AvishkaarInnovation; Invention; God's Gift; MiracleBoy
AvishkarInnovation; Invention; God's Gift; MiracleBoy
AvitamosA tender hearted men; matureBoy
AvitorixTactful person who loves adventureBoy
AvitrOne who is descending individualBoy
AvitsitThe one who is a compassionate being; One who is self confident, friendly and nature lovingBoy
AvitusOne who is ancestral propertyBoy
AvivThey are spring seasoned and youngBoy
AviyaMy father is the only LordBoy

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