77 Baby Boy Names That Start With Az

AzA strong and powerful personBoy
AzaamA determined person; like a LionBoy
AzaanQuranic name - Announcement; Call to prayer; Call recitied in Mosque 5 times a day calling for prayerBoy
AzabOne who loves to wanderBoy
AzaccaAzacca is the name of the spirit guide of agriculture.Boy
AzadAn independent and a free personBoy
AzainA tolerant and decorative personBoy
AzaliA friendly and sensitive personBoy
AzamThe greatest being aliveBoy
AzamatMajesty or gloryBoy
AzanA call for prayerBoy
AzaniaOne who listens to GodBoy
AzarPersian - Scarlet, Fire; Nineth month in Iranian Calendar; Hebrew - HelpBoy
AzareelHelp of GodBoy
AzarelOne who is helped by GodBoy
AzarudeenA freind of sushanth; most visibleBoy
AzaryahThey are helped by the God almightyBoy
AzaziahStrength of YahwehBoy
AzbOne who sweet,tasty,and freshBoy
AzbakA traditional and independent personBoy
AzbanFresh and sweet. A variant of Azeeb.Boy
AzeebFresh and sweetBoy
AzeemOne who is a protector or a defenderBoy
AzeezThe servant of the mightyBoy
AzemBig or largeBoy
AzfaarVictory and triumphBoy
AzfarOne who is most victoriousBoy
AzferA born leader; victoriousBoy
AzghanGod is residing in the heart; faithfulBoy
AzgharrA faithful person who is sensitiveBoy
AzhafA courageous and elite human beingBoy
AzhaganBeautiful; Handsome Boy; Attractive; Very AppealingBoy
AzhagarHandsome One; Beautiful; Attractive; Very AppealingBoy
AzhagesanMost shining and luminous beingBoy
AzhagiriA mountain of strength and beautyBoy
AzhaguHandsome; Beautiful; Attractive; Very AppealingBoy
AzhagurajOne who is a King of handsomenessBoy
AzharA shining and luminous beingUnisex
Azhar-ud-dinMost visible, one who explains the religion.Boy
AzherOne who is brilliant and clearUnisex
AzhmeerA clever and wise personBoy
AzibAn unmarried personBoy
AzielGod is providing powerBoy
AzimThe great and magnificent beingBoy
AzizOne who has great might and gloryBoy
AzizbekPowerful chiefBoy
AziziArabic - Beloved; Precious One; Treasure; ValuableBoy
AzkaOne who is from the beginingBoy
AzliA noble rockBoy

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