1149 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ba

BaA Lord or a father figureBoy
BaabarOne who has the power of a LionBoy
BaadalA cloud which bears water and bring rainBoy
BaadiA dirct, plain and everlasting beingBoy
BaadshahThey have a vision or foresight; KingBoy
BaadurGeorgian form of Bahadur, meaning hero, warrior or braveBoy
BaahiOne who is glorious and magnificentBoy
BaahirA brilliant and dazzling personalityBoy
BaakirThe eldest child born in the familyBoy
BaakoThe first born child in the familyBoy
BaalaChild; Young Girl; Young Offspring; Junior; Infant; Baby; YouthfulBoy
BaalaadityaRisen Sun;Boy
BaalaajiOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu; Another name of Lord VenkateswaraBoy
BaalaarkThe Rising Sun; Red Radiant Sun of DawnBoy
BaalagopaalBaby Krishna; One of many names of Lord Krishna to refer to his young formBoy
BaalanLittle Boy; Young Boy; Infant Boy; Youthful Boy; JuniorBoy
BaalarajuYouthful Strongness; Powerful and Mighty BoyBoy
BaalayyaA famous comedy King; determined and lovelyBoy
BaalighEloquent and happy naturedBoy
BaalkrishanBaby Krishna; One of many names of Lord Krishna to refer to his young formBoy
BaanGod's Hymns; God's Bajan'sBoy
BaananOne who is Bright and Radiant; Smart and KnowledgeableBoy
BaanbhattName of an Ancient Poet; Smart and Knowledgeable; Bright and RadiantBoy
BaankeOne of many names of Lord Krishna refering to his Bright and Radiant natureBoy
Baanke BihaariAnother name of Lord KrishnaBoy
BaaodhavHumanitarian; One who has great respect for human valuesBoy
BaapiraajuStatus Oriented; Well off and powerfulBoy
BaaqirOne with the deepest knowledgeBoy
BaarA honest SaintBoy
BaareOne who has a deep mindBoy
BaariA faithful servant of the creatorBoy
BaariqAn illuminating and bright lightBoy
BaashirOne known for his bravery and loyalty.Boy
BaasimOne who has a very pretty smileBoy
BaasimaSmiling; One who smiles; One who is happyUnisex
BaasirThe faithful servant of the all-seeingBoy
BaasitThe servant of the creatorBoy
BaasuRich; Wealthy; Well-off; ProsperousBoy
BabaSweet Baby; Born on Thursday; Young LadBoy
BabackA young and efficient fatherBoy
BabajideThe father has returnedBoy
BabakThey are the young father; satisfied personBoy
BabalaAbove; Elder; Older; One who is biggerBoy
BabanWinner; Victorious; SuccessfulBoy
BabarThe Lion which is the king of jungleBoy
BabasolafFather's wealth has arrived.Boy
BabatLucky; Fortunate; Blessed; Privileged;Boy
BabatundeThe father who has returnedBoy

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