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1149 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ba

Ba A Lord or a father figure Boy
Baabar One who has the power of a Lion Boy
Baadal A cloud which bears water and bring rain Boy
Baadi A dirct, plain and everlasting being Boy
Baadshah They have a vision or foresight; King Boy
Baadur Georgian form of Bahadur, meaning hero, warrior or brave Boy
Baahi One who is glorious and magnificent Boy
Baahir A brilliant and dazzling personality Boy
Baakir The eldest child born in the family Boy
Baako The first born child in the family Boy
Baala Child; Young Girl; Young Offspring; Junior; Infant; Baby; Youthful Boy
Baalaaditya Risen Sun; Boy
Baalaaji One of the many names of Lord Vishnu; Another name of Lord Venkateswara Boy
Baalaark The Rising Sun; Red Radiant Sun of Dawn Boy
Baalagopaal Baby Krishna; One of many names of Lord Krishna to refer to his young form Boy
Baalan Little Boy; Young Boy; Infant Boy; Youthful Boy; Junior Boy
Baalaraju Youthful Strongness; Powerful and Mighty Boy Boy
Baalayya A famous comedy King; determined and lovely Boy
Baaligh Eloquent and happy natured Boy
Baalkrishan Baby Krishna; One of many names of Lord Krishna to refer to his young form Boy
Baan God's Hymns; God's Bajan's Boy
Baanan One who is Bright and Radiant; Smart and Knowledgeable Boy
Baanbhatt Name of an Ancient Poet; Smart and Knowledgeable; Bright and Radiant Boy
Baanke One of many names of Lord Krishna refering to his Bright and Radiant nature Boy
Baanke Bihaari Another name of Lord Krishna Boy
Baaodhav Humanitarian; One who has great respect for human values Boy
Baapiraaju Status Oriented; Well off and powerful Boy
Baaqir One with the deepest knowledge Boy
Baar A honest Saint Boy
Baare One who has a deep mind Boy
Baari A faithful servant of the creator Boy
Baariq An illuminating and bright light Boy
Baashir One known for his bravery and loyalty. Boy
Baasim One who has a very pretty smile Boy
Baasima Smiling; One who smiles; One who is happy Unisex
Baasir The faithful servant of the all-seeing Boy
Baasit The servant of the creator Boy
Baasu Rich; Wealthy; Well-off; Prosperous Boy
Baaz Falcon Boy
Baba Sweet Baby; Born on Thursday; Young Lad Boy
Baback A young and efficient father Boy
Babaghal Parrot Boy
Babajide The father has returned Boy
Babak They are the young father; satisfied person Boy
Babala Above; Elder; Older; One who is bigger Boy
Baban Winner; Victorious; Successful Boy
Babar The Lion which is the king of jungle Boy
Babasolaf Father's wealth has arrived. Boy
Babat Lucky; Fortunate; Blessed; Privileged; Boy
Babatunde The father who has returned Boy

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