76 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bad

BadaatA likable and good natured human being; wonderfulBoy
BadalCloud; RainBoy
BadamIt is Pashto for almond.Boy
BadanA wild Boar; majestic and expressiveBoy
BadaniHandsome; Beautiful; Attractive; Very AppealingBoy
BadanothA naive and expressive human beingBoy
BadaraSanskrit - Jujube TreeBoy
BadarayanRishi Ved Vyas; Belonging to the Jujube Tree; A derivative name from BadaraBoy
BadarayanaBelonging to the Jujube Tree; A derivative name from BadaraBoy
BadariBerry fruit of Jujube Tree, Name of Nara and NaaraayanaBoy
BadariprasadGift of Badrinarayan;Boy
BadarishDeity at the pilgrimage; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
BadarujSweet BasilBoy
BadawiBringer of good news or good tidingsBoy
BaddaOne with old and thin skinBoy
BaddarOne who's always on time. A punctual man.Boy
BadeOne who comes out victorious in battleBoy
BadecaA bold, energetic and happy personBoy
BadeedSample, or specimenBoy
BadeehA wonderous human beingBoy
BadelaA noble and humble human being; clever and analyticalBoy
BadenA beautiful surname; humble and confidentBoy
BaderSon of Adam; professional barberBoy
BadgarEnglish - The Burrowing Mammal; Derivative of the name BadgerBoy
BadgelgarOne who can influence; good naturedBoy
BadhilOne who is responsive to feelings and is clever wittedBoy
BadhriOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu; Badrinath is a derivative name from BadhriBoy
BadhulaOne who creates a dual neature; friendlyBoy
BadiaOne who is a marvel of timeBoy
BadiahName of Myrobalan tree; desire to be independentBoy
BadialzamanA wise and kind hearted KingBoy
BadihAble to improvise, or one who is witty and creative.Boy
BadijOne who is responsive to feelinsBoy
BadikhImportant; Prominent; Significant; FamousBoy
BadilOne who has many abilities and uniquenessBoy
BadilaynBadilayn is an Arabic name, meaning substitutes, or replacements.Boy
BadiljanAn insightful person; responsibleBoy
BadinjOne with a creative bend of mind; Myrobalan treeBoy
BadinjanEgg PlantBoy
BadirA full moon; providing soothing moonlightBoy
BaditheA responsive and easy going person; happyBoy
BadiulalamA person who is very unique in the worldBoy
BadiuzzamanA genius born; a clever and witty individualBoy
BadiyOne who is beautiful by birthBoy
BadouimOne who is creative and individualisticBoy
BadrA learner; also the name of full moonBoy
Badr al DinOne who is like the full moon of faithBoy
Badr al DinFull moon of the faith.Boy
Badr UdeenOne who is led by AllahBoy

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