47 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bak

BakaCrane; Variant transcriptions are Bacca; Backa; Bakah and BakkaUnisex
BakajitaConqueror of Baka; Another Name for Bhima; One who has won over BakaBoy
BakarahA happy and versatile personBoy
BakariA promising and lovely human beingBoy
BakaripuEnemy of BakaBoy
BakavataWith a quality of Heros; Very Attentive; Watchful; One who is vigilant or closely observantBoy
BakeetOne who uplifts the mankindBoy
BakhatLucky; Fortunate; Blessed; Privileged; A variant of BakhtBoy
BakhitA fortunate and lucky manBoy
BakhshindForgiving; Pardoning; MercifulBoy
BakhshishDivine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; PresentBoy
BakhtOne who is considered to be lucky for mankindBoy
BakhtaawarA lucky and fortunate individual; majesticBoy
BakhtafritA man blessed with plentiful fortune.Boy
BakhtariA narrator of Hadith had this name.Boy
BakhtawarOne who Brings Good Luck; Fortunate; Lucky;Boy
BakhtawerOne who Brings Good Luck; Fortunate; Lucky;Boy
BakhtiaarOne who is lucky and fortunaleBoy
BakhtiarOne who is considered fortunateBoy
BakhtiyarA lucky and fortunate individualBoy
BakhurOne who is soaked in fragnant oilsBoy
BakiOne who has a quick and analytical mindBoy
BakirOne who can rip openBoy
BakkahAnother name of MeccaBoy
BakkarA reciter of Quran had this name.Boy
BakliName of Blaeng's son.Boy
BakoA Nigerian term meaning guest.Boy
BakoolA pleasant and eas going person; a flowerBoy
BakorA Camel; one who is sensitive and humbleBoy
BakrA baby camelBoy
BakrajA strong and mighty kingBoy
BakriOne who can start any work earlyBoy
BaksheeshA divine blessingBoy
BakshiBlessed; A surname used mostly for Brahmin's in Nothern IndiaBoy
BakshishDivine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; PresentBoy
BaksisDivine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; PresentBoy
BaksishDivine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; PresentBoy
BaktiAn obedient boyBoy
BakulFlower; Bloom; BlossomBoy
BakulaOne who says liesBoy
BakulesaLord of Blossom; God of Flowers;Boy
BakurA baker or a thunderboltBoy
BakuraThunderbolt; Horn; Glorifies; Coming EarlyBoy
BakurahThe amazing time of DawnBoy
BakytHappiness or luckUnisex
BakytbekHappy chiefBoy
BakytzhanA happy soulBoy

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