101 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bas

BasRoyal; Kingly; Derived from the Sam; Diminutive of BasilBoy
BasaA forest or wood, surnameBoy
BasairAnother Name For The QuranBoy
BasakGarland of FlowersBoy
Basantseason of springBoy
BasantdeepLamp of Spring; Light of SpringBoy
BasantmeetFriend of Spring; One who is like the companion of SpringBoy
BasantpaulPreserver of Spring; One who is the protector of SpringBoy
BasantpreetLove for Spring; One who adores SpringBoy
BasantroopEmbodiment of Spring; One who is personified with SpringBoy
BasarSight, Vision, The EyeBoy
BasasiriArabic name for BoysBoy
BasaudExalted; BlessedBoy
BasavLord Of BullsBoy
BasavaBull; Strong; Virile; PowerfullBoy
BasavarajLord of Bulls; King of the Bulls; Extreme StrengthBoy
BasavarajaLord of Bulls; King of the Bulls; Extreme StrengthBoy
BasaveshFounder of Shiva PhilosophyBoy
BasaveshwaraFounder of Shiva PhilosophyBoy
BasavrajLord of Bulls; King of the Bulls; Extreme StrengthBoy
BascomOf English origin meaning: from Boscombe (a suburb of Bournemouth in the UK).Boy
BaseThe Short OneBoy
BaseerBorn with a great visionBoy
BaseeratInsight; PerceptionBoy
BaseetVast; SpaciousBoy
BashForerunner, strike hard and violentlyBoy
BashaDaughter of God; Stranger; King; Emperor; NobleBoy
BashaarBringer Of Glad TidingsBoy
BashaaratGood News, Glad TidingsBoy
BasharMan, MortalBoy
BasharaatGood Omen; ProphecyBoy
BasharatGood Omen; ProphecyUnisex
BasheerOne Who Carries Good NewsBoy
BashharBringer of glad tidingsBoy
BashiqA well educated manBoy
BashirHarbinger Of Good Things, A Messenger Of Good NewsBoy
BashiratPrudent; IntelligenceBoy
BashiriOne who can foretell the future.Boy
BashishtaA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; WiseBoy
BashiyrOne who brings good newsBoy
BashkimUnity or allianceBoy
BashoBanana PlantBoy
BashshGlad; CheerfulBoy
BashsharBringer Of Good NewsBoy
BashvithA FlowerBoy
BasicHead or headmanBoy
BasichHead or headman. A form of Basic.Boy
BasilLike A KingBoy
BasileRoyal; KinglyBoy
BasileiosAncient Greek form of Basil, meaning king.Boy
BasilioNoble; Royal; Kingly; RoseBoy
BasiliusKingly; RoyalBoy
BasilusA kingBoy
BasirOne Of The Ninety-Nine Names Of GodBoy
BasiratInsight; Perception, awareness, observationBoy
BasisthaA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; WiseBoy
BasitSpreader, Transmitter, purveyorBoy
BaskalaPreceptor; Teacher; Well Read; Wise; LearnedBoy
BaskarSun; Very Knowledgeable and skilled person; Bright and RadiantBoy
BaskaranSun; Very Knowledgeable and skilled person; Bright and RadiantBoy
BaskerSun; Very Knowledgeable and skilled person; Bright and RadiantBoy
BaskoroMidday sunBoy
BasmanSmiling A LotBoy
BaspaTear; Steam; Vapour; HazeBoy
BasrEye-sight; Wisdom; SightBoy
BassShort, small, petitBoy
BassaA pond or a lakeBoy
BassamSmiling, happy, joyfulBoy
BassamaHe who is smilingBoy
BassaymThe smiling one.Boy
BasseWild boarBoy
BassemSmiling, in good spirit, cheeryBoy
BassetShort; Little PersonBoy
BassmaA smileBoy
BassuiHigh Above AverageBoy
BastEgyptian - Fire, Heat; As per their myth a goddess of fertility and the sun who was considered a protector of Lower EgyptBoy
BastaqServant; AttendantBoy
BasteinShort form of Sebastein, meaning one who is revered.Boy
BastiaanVenerable; ReveredBoy
BastianDervied from Sebastian which means, Man of Sebastia;Boy
BastienRespected, well-regardedBoy
BasuName of Lord Surya, WealthyBoy
BasucaOne who is imaginativeBoy
BasudebFather of KrishnaBoy
BasudevFire, flames, blazeBoy
BasukiTo flourishBoy

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