13 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bhe

BheemPowerful; Positive Thinker; Self Comfidence; OptimistBoy
BheemeshA variant of name Bheem; Second of the Five Pandava BrothersBoy
BheemsenSon of brave manBoy
BheeshmaA Character of Mahabharata; Son of King ShantanuBoy
BheeshmakaName of King of Vidarbha; Name of Rukmini's FatherBoy
BhenaThe Lord of Stars; Another Name for Sun and MoonBoy
BhereshA Boy of friendly personalityBoy
BherundaTerrible; Two headed; One of many names of Lord Vishnu signifying his Narashimha AvatarBoy
BhesajOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu; The Healer; Who Cures the Disease of BirthBoy
BhettrBreaking; SplittingBoy
BhevinWinner; Victorious; One who is successfulBoy

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