36 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bhi

BhibhavasuThe Sun and FireBoy
BhiimahThe Strong; Powerful; Mighty; CourageousBoy
BhikhuInnocent; Naive; Childlike; Guiltless; BlamelessBoy
BhikkhuA Nun; One who has dedicated life to service of humanityBoy
BhiksitaObtained as Alms; Blessing of GodBoy
BhiksuBeggar; One who lives on alms; MankindBoy
BhimOne of PandavasBoy
BhimabalaYoung Lad who has Enoromous Strength like BhimaBoy
BhimajanuOne who considers Bhima as dear as his lifeBoy
BhimakaDreadful; Terrible; Fear-Inducing; ForbiddingBoy
BhimapalaProtected by Bhima; Defended by BhimaBoy
BhimaravaOne who is blessing of BhimaBoy
BhimasaraOne with Terrible Arrows that are very quickBoy
BhimasenaHaving a Formidable Army which is active, quick and does things at great speedBoy
BhimavegaOne who is active, quick and has a great speed to do thingsBoy
BhimeshName of Son of BhimaBoy
BhimjiOne of the many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
BhimrajaThe King of the Powerful, Mighty and CourageousBoy
BhimsainBrave; A Man of Great Size;Powerful, Mighty and Courageous ManBoy
BhimsenSons of Brave ManBoy
BhIndianKindling; Inspiring; Encouraging; StimulatingBoy
BhirigarajA BeeBoy
BhisajMedicine; Healer; Physician; One who cures sicknessBoy
BhishajOne of the many names of Lord Vishnu signifying his role as the healer or sufferingsBoy
BhishakThe Healer; Vishnu; Who Cures the Disease of Birth and Death CyclesBoy
BhishamA Character of Mahabharata; Son of King Shantanu; One who was powerful and strongBoy
BhishmDreadful; Terrible; Fear-Inducing; ForbiddingBoy
BhishmaTeacher of KauravasBoy
BhishmakRaja of Kundalpur and father of Rukmini.Boy
BhismaDreadful; Terrible; Fear-Inducing; ForbiddingBoy
BhismasvarajaNot Affected by Noise SoundBoy
BhiswasFaith; Trust; Hope; Confidence; Belief;Boy
BhiusmakaFighter; Defender; ProtectorBoy

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