273 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bi

BiaggioOne who stammersBoy
BiagioOne who StuttersBoy
BibekConscience, ethicsBoy
BibhakarSource of Light; Origin of Light and LifeBoy
BibhasLight; The Sun; Bright, Radiant and Luminous light of the SunBoy
BibhatsuOne of Arjuna's name meaning a hater of unworthy acts.Boy
BibhavasuThe Sun, Fire; Origin of EarthBoy
BibhishanBrother Of Lankeshwar Rawan & KumbhakarnaBoy
BibhutibhusanOne of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
BibinLike To ThinkBoy
BiboShort from Ljubo, meaning a peaceloverBoy
BiboswanSun God; Lord of the Light;Boy
BichuThe Great PersonBoy
BickFrom the Hewer's FordBoy
BickfordFrom the Hewer's Ford; Axe-man's FordBoy
BicoirFather of ArthurBoy
BidabanBeginning of Dawn; an excellent human beingBoy
BidaujasLight of the PeopleBoy
BidhanRules & RegulationBoy
BidulaSpotted; VariegatedBoy
BidyutLightining; Full of KnowledgeBoy
BiecafordFrom the Hewer's FordBoy
BiedeluueAn expresssive, happy natured and friendly one; commandBoy
BieitoBlessed, a man with the blessings of the Almighty.Boy
BielGod can be found in strong menBoy
BienOcean, SeaBoy
BienvenidoOne who is welcomeBoy
BiffFighting playfullyBoy
BigulMusical InstrumentBoy
BihaariOne of the many names of Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
BiharOcean; SeasBoy
BihariOne of the many names of Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
BiharilalOne of the many names of Lord Shri Krishna signifying his infant formBoy
BihjanA person who is a heroBoy
BihzadWell BornBoy
BiiniA man of modest natureBoy
Bijanlonely placeBoy
BijannHe who is considered a hero, a legend among menBoy
BijanthaA refined, happy and easy going personBoy
BijendraOne of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
BijeshOne of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
BijinCosmic Creator; The Owner and Giver of SeedBoy
BijitAlways to WinBoy
BijithaMay be Vi-jai-tha(Victory in Hindi)Boy
BijonPersian - Ancient Hero; A vairant of name BijanBoy
BijoyFull Of Joy; Happiness;Boy
BijoyanadaOne who is always successful and filled with joy and happinessBoy
BijuJewel; A malayalam name derived from Viju which means victoriousBoy
BikarmaA variant of name Bikram which means Prowess, Ability, Skill and ExpertiseBoy
BikasDevelopment; Advancement; EnhancementBoy
BikasaDevelopment; ExpansionBoy
BikoHe who is a son of a GodBoy
BikrFirst Born; EldestBoy
BikramjeetVictory for ValourBoy
BikramjitOne who succeeds with his skill; A Variation of name Bikram which means Prowess, Ability, Skill and ExpertiseBoy
BikrampalProtector of ValourBoy
BikrampreetLove for ValourBoy
BikshapathiLord ShivaBoy
BilaalCall to Prayer; Choosen One; A variant of name BilalBoy
BilalThe Prophet'S Person Calling PrayerBoy
BilasPleasure; Play; Happiness; Delight; EnjoymentBoy
BilavalA God-like person with happy personalityBoy
BillDerived From William; one who is a resolute protectorBoy
BilleWill; Desire; Helmet; ProtectionBoy
BilleterHabitational name meaning someone from Bilten.Boy
BillyNickname for WilliamBoy
BilvaA Sacred Leaf Used while performing Shiva Pooja to worship Lord ShivaBoy
BilvakaLiving in a CaveBoy
BilwaAuspicious Fruit - Bael, A sacred leaf used in Shiva PoojaUnisex
BimalOne who is pure, clean and untantedBoy
BimalinderPure KingBoy
BimaljeetVictory of the PureBoy
BimaljotPure LightBoy
BimalmeetPure and FriendlyBoy
BimalpalPreserver of PurityBoy
BimalpreetPure and clean LoveBoy
BimalpremPure LoveBoy
BimbHalo; name provided to the baby childBoy
BimbakaThe Disc of the Sun or the Moon; Lord of ImagesBoy
BimbisaarKing of the Gupta dynasty; Means of Golden ColourBoy
BimbisarKing of the Gupta DynastyBoy
BimbisaraThe Essence of the AbsoluteBoy
BimingAs clear as jade; a homestead provided for peopleBoy

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