66 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bir

BiraatExtensive; Huge; Large; A Lot; Great; ImmenseBoy
BiradolBrave and UnwaveringBoy
BirajTo Have A Presence,To Know One's Self; One who has attained enlightment of selfBoy
BirakaalEternally BraveBoy
BiranUnpopulated; UninhabitedBoy
BirapaarWarrior and Limitless CourageBoy
BirbahadurBrave WarriorBoy
BirbalBrave heartBoy
BirbalaPowerful WarriorBoy
BirbhoopBrave KingBoy
BirchBirch TreeBoy
BirchardOne who lives on the hard breachesBoy
BirdavinderBrave King of GodsBoy
Birdeebirdlike, a child's term for a bird, a score of one stroke under par at a hole in GolfUnisex
BirdhilFrom the Bird HillBoy
BirdhillFrom the Bird HillBoy
BirenFrom the place of shedsBoy
BirendarLord of Warriors; A Great Warrior; Great Defender and ProtectorBoy
BirendraKing of WarriorsBoy
BirendramohanKing of Warriors who attracts; One of many names of Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
BiresvaraLord of WarriorsBoy
BirgerRescue; To Save; To Help; To ProtectBoy
BirghivaA hard worker, diligent and brave personBoy
BirhanuIt means a bright light.Boy
BirinchiThe one who overules the fortune.Boy
BirindarThe Brave God; Powerful and Mighty GodBoy
BirinderLord of Warriors; A Great Warrior; Great Defender and ProtectorBoy
BirinderdeepLord's LampBoy
BirinderjeetLord's VictoryBoy
BirinderjotLord's LightBoy
BirinderpaulProtected by the LordBoy
BirinderpreetLord's LoveBoy
BirjeesJupiter; PlanetBoy
BirjeetVictory of the BraveBoy
BirjeevanBrave LifeBoy
BirjeshLord of Braj LandBoy
BirjisPlanet; Planet JupiterUnisex
BirjotLight of the BraveBoy
BirjuNice SingerBoy
BirkPlace Name; Where Birch Trees Grow; From the Fortified Settlement; From a Birch Tree; Bright; ShiningBoy
BirketArea of Birch TreesBoy
BirkettLives at the Birch HeadlandBoy
BirkeyFrom the Birch Tree IslandBoy
BirkheadLives at the Birch HeadlandBoy
BirkirBirch treeBoy
BirkitArea of Birch TreesBoy

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