39 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bis

BisaamOne who is always smiling.Boy
BishalLord of Gods; King of Kings; Supreme BeingBoy
BishandeepLamp of Supreme GodBoy
BishanjeetVictory for Supreme GodBoy
BishanjotLight of the Supreme GodBoy
BishanpalFostered By God; One who is Raised by GodBoy
BishanpreetLove for GodBoy
BishantekSupport of the Supreme GodBoy
BisharatGood NewsBoy
BishenHe who is a supreme God, the God of all GodsBoy
BisheswarLord ShivaBoy
BishmeetA Boy who is greatly blessedBoy
BishnuOne of the many names of Lord VishnuBoy
BishopA BishopBoy
BishrulOne who is physical lover and has strengthBoy
BishuOne of the many names of Lord VishnuBoy
BishvajitVictorious in the WorldBoy
BishwaThe Whole WorldBoy
BishwajiOne who won the whole World; The World Winner Or The ConquerorBoy
BishwajitOne who won over the whole worldBoy
BishwambaHe who is an ultimate winnerBoy
BishwanathLord of the World; Ruler of the World; Emperor of the WorldBoy
BismanBlack; Dark BlueBoy
BismeetA person of brave heart and happy natureBoy
BismillahBeginning; CommencementBoy
BisujakshaOne of the many names of Lord VishnuBoy
BisvajitaVictorious in the WorldBoy
BiswajeetVictory on the WorldBoy
BiswajitOne who won the whole World; The World Winner Or The ConquerorBoy
BiswanathLord ShivaBoy
BiswaroopAnother name of Lord VishnuBoy
BiswasFaith; Trust; Hope; Confidence; Belief;Boy

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