200 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bra

BrahamjotOne who is in harmony or union with GodBoy
BrahamleenOne who is absorbed and extremely devoted in GodBoy
BrahampalOne who is the fosterer of the GodBoy
BrahampreetOne who loves the Supreme God with all his mightBoy
BrahamsarupOne who has the appearance of the GodBoy
BrahamvirOne who is the God's warriorBoy
BrahimBrahma; Creator of the Universe; Supreme BeingBoy
BrahitaCherished; Rejoiced; EnjoyedBoy
BrahmaIn Sanskrit, it means "prayer". It is also the name of a Hindu God, also known as the "Creator"Boy
BrahmaanandSupreme joy; Utmost happiness attained when enlightedBoy
BrahmabrataAscetic; A spartan who dedicates his life to attain enlightment of KnowledgeBoy
BrahmadattaIn Indian mythology, he is the king of a city named Banaras or VaranasiBoy
BrahmadhvajaOne who is the warrior of GodBoy
BrahmaduttDedicated to BrahmaBoy
BrahmadyaBegins or originates with BrahmaBoy
BrahmaghaThe month of God. The month in which prayers and functions of God are performedBoy
BrahmagyaKnowledge of BrahmaBoy
BrahmajeetGod's Triumph; Victory of GodBoy
BrahmajiSimilar to BrahmaBoy
BrahmanandSupreme joy; Utmost happiness attained when enlightedBoy
BrahmanandamSupreme joy; Utmost happiness attained when enlightedBoy
BrahmapriOne who is the devotee of lord BrahmaBoy
BrahmastraAn indestructable weapon given by Lord BrahmaBoy
BrahmasuOne who is the son of BrahmaBoy
BrahmavidKnowing the Super Spirit; A sage nameBoy
BrahmayujMake wishes through prayers to the GodBoy
BrahmayusOne who lives as long as BrahmaBoy
BrahmbhagatA devotee of the LordBoy
BrahmcariOne who is dedicated for the worship of Lord BrahmaBoy
BrahmchetOne who is aware of God and believes in his powersBoy
BrahmdevGod'S Exalted Angel;Boy
BrahmduttMessenger of BrahmaBoy
BrahmeOne who prays a lotBoy
BrahmgyanKnowledge of BrahmaBoy
BrahmjeetGod's victory against evilBoy
BrahmjogUniting with the Supreme One; uniting with GodBoy
BrahmjotOne In Union With God; Light of BrahmaBoy
BrahmleenAbsorbed In God'S Love; Immersed in Love of GodBoy
BrahmlokThe devotee of God; one who believes in God and practices ritualsBoy
BrahmnaamThe name of GodBoy
BrahmpalOne who is under the protection of GodBoy
BrahmprakashEnlightment by the light of the GodBoy
BrahmpreetThe love of God; the love of the AlmightyBoy
BrahmraajThe kingdom of God; the palace of GodBoy
BrahmroopA person who is God like, and is considered as the messenger of GodBoy
BrahmsroopOne who has an appearance like GodBoy
Brahmtejlustrous and powerful like GodBoy
BrahmtekSupporter and believer of GodBoy
BrahmveerWarrior of God; one who fights for God against evilBoy
BrahmvirGod'S Warrior; One who is Defender and Protector of GodBoy

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