200 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bra

BrainThe important part of the body, located in the skullBoy
BrainardA bold raven; a bold person who is compared to a ravenBoy
BrainerdA bold raven; a bird that resembles a crowBoy
BraisonOne who hails from the Manor farmBoy
BraithCovered with many spots or patchesBoy
BrajPlace of Lord Krishna; Residence of Lord KrishnaBoy
BrajamaniA precious, beautiful jewel or ornamentBoy
BrajamohanOne of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
BrajendraOne who is the Lord of kingdom BrajBoy
BrajeshOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as Lord of Braj landBoy
BrajmohanOne of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
BrajraajOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as King of Braj landBoy
BrajrajOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as King of Braj landBoy
BrakOne who is covered with spots or frecklesBoy
BraleahA land or field situated on a hill sideBoy
BramOne who is the father of many childrenBoy
BramhaLord of Life; Lord for creationBoy
BramhaghoshThe sound of a prayer or hymnBoy
BramhanandSupreme joy; Utmost happiness attained when enlightedBoy
BramhiOne of many names of Lord SaraswatiBoy
BramleyThe clearing of the broomBoy
BrammelThorn bushes surrounding a tiny hole of waterBoy
BrammellA broomwell; a well in the middle of a broomBoy
BramwelDerived from the name of a place in BritainBoy
BramwellA well that is present where the broom growsBoy
BramwyllA well in a broom; A raven wellBoy
BranA raven; a black bird that resembles a crowBoy
BrancenA diligent, youthful, beloved and faithful personBoy
BranchAn extension, prolongment or additionBoy
BrandOne who is marked or enlightened by fireBoy
BrandanSword; a weapon with a sharp bladeBoy
BranddunOne who hails from the beacon hillBoy
BrandebanA brilliant, systematic, versatile and assertive beingBoy
BrandeharzA self centered, friendly and unique individual; pleasantBoy
BrandeisOne who lives or dwells on a clearing that is burntBoy
BrandelisA knight; one who serves the kingBoy
BrandelzAn alcoholic beverage; spiritBoy
BrandenA hill that is covered with gorseBoy
BranderA fiery or sharp swordBoy
BrandinA hill that is covered with beacon, a fiery signBoy
BrandleA person who is charismatic, charming and self madeBoy
BrandoSword; a weapon used at the time of warsBoy
BrandonOne who is a brave, vigilant personBoy
BrandtLiving on a burnt clearingBoy
BrandynA broom hill; a hill covered with bushy growthBoy
BraneshLord of LifeBoy
BranfordThe ford of BrandBoy
Brangianrefers to tiny gobble.Boy
BranguA term for the crossbreed of beef cattle, between Brahman and AngusBoy

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