200 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bra

BranguiCrossbreed of two species of cattleBoy
BrangwaynA fair raven; raven is a bird that resembles crowBoy
BranhardA raven that is bold and strongBoy
BranhuiA responsible, stable and generous individualBoy
BranimirProtection, harmony and peace of the worldBoy
BranislavProtection of the glory or fameBoy
BrankoArmor or defenseBoy
BrannRaven; a black bird that resembles a crowBoy
BrannockA fiery sword; a fiery beaconBoy
BrannonA raven; a bird that resembles a crowBoy
BranntProud; having a high opinion of oneselfBoy
BranokCornish name derived from Celtic word brano, which means raven, crow.Boy
BransonA burning sword; a fiery swordBoy
BrantA sword that burns; a fiery swordBoy
BrantleyA fire sword; a burning swordBoy
BrantlyProud and gratified in whatever he does. It also means firebrand.Boy
BrantonA settlement with thick growth of plantsBoy
BrantsonA reknowned person who fought for the BritishBoy
BranudA systematic, thoughtful and has individualityBoy
BranuiAn easy going, humble and cool headed personBoy
BranwelThe name of a place in BritainBoy
BranwellA well of broom; a well of thick growthBoy
BranxtonThe town of BraccaUnisex
BrasIt is a surnameBoy
BrasenThe gift of God; God's giftUnisex
BrasiasA blunt, affectionate and youthful individualBoy
BrassiasSmart, amiable and bold person; resourcefulBoy
BrastiasOne of Sir Arthur's captainsBoy
BrastonA town of brassBoy
BratindraDevoted to right deeds; Righteous and Wise PersonBoy
BratislavGlory of the brotherBoy
BratomilGracious and dear brotherBoy
BratoslavGlorious brotherBoy
BratyaTo get rid of something or someoneBoy
BraulioA meadow situated on a hillsideBoy
BravecciInspirational, congenial, smart and innocent personBoy
BravicciA practical and patient person with brave heartBoy
BrawleyA meadow or a grassland located at a hill slopeBoy
BraxtonSettlement of the BrockBoy
BrayBorder, or hillsideBoy
Brayannoble and virtuousBoy
BraychanOne who lives on the hillsideBoy
BraydenA hillside that is broad and wideBoy
BraydonA wide hillsideBoy
BraylenFrom a broad or wide hillsideBoy
BraylonFrom a hillside that is wideBoy
BraysonOne who is the son of BrayBoy
BraytonTo create more light and colourfulnessBoy
BrazilA conflict or disagreement on certain issuesUnisex

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