61 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bre

BreahhaA place name in old England, a town BreahhaBoy
BreakerA wave that makes white foam on the shoreBoy
BreandanOne who is brave, not afraid of any sort of dangerBoy
BreckPerson having a spotted skin or a freckled skinBoy
BreckanOne who has a spotty face; face filled with frecklesBoy
BreckenFreckled or SpeckledBoy
BreckinFreckled face; spotted faceBoy
BredbeddleThe Green KnightBoy
BredeGlaciers; a form of iceBoy
BredonSword; a sharp weapon used for killingBoy
BreenTo be upset or sad about somethingBoy
BreganResponsible and able individual; level headedUnisex
BreidOne who is born to achieve great depths and heightsBoy
BreineOne who is blessed.Boy
BrelanA hill covered with beaconsBoy
BrelynA popular, desirable and dual natured individualBoy
BremeA man who lives near a swampBoy
BrenA flame; a part of fireBoy
BrencisA crown; worn on the head of the ruler or kingBoy
BrendSteep; sudden increase or decreaseBoy
BrendanPrince; the son of a kingBoy
BrendannThe prince of the kingdomBoy
BrendenBrave and unafraidBoy
BrendinPrince; the heir of the kingBoy
BrendisCeltic - Prince; A variant of name BrendanBoy
BrendonThe king's heir; PrinceBoy
BrendtThe top of a hill; a hilltopBoy
BrendynThe prince of a kingdomBoy
BreneonA mountain peak; the peak of a mountainBoy
BrennA prince; the successor of a kingdomBoy
BrennanMoisture; liquid condensed on a surfaceBoy
BrennenOne who is brave and unafraidBoy
BrennerSomeone who does the job of burning thingsBoy
BrennonCeltic - Prince; A variant of name BrendanBoy
BrennusRuler, prince or kingBoy
BrenoBrazilian word for king.Boy
BrentA place located at a heightBoy
BrentanA mountain or a hillBoy
BrentenThe top of a hill or peakBoy
BrentinThe peak or top of a hill or a mountain topBoy
BrentleyA hilltop or a mountain topBoy
BrentonA hilltop or the top of a mountainBoy
BrentynA hilltop that is very steepBoy
BreockA famous and mighty princeBoy
BreriA messengerBoy
BreslinRefers to family name or surname.Boy
BretA form of the name BretonBoy
BrettFrom a surname Breton, meaning BrittishBoy
BrettonA man from BritainBoy

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