98 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bri

BriacOne with force and strenghtBoy
BrianA noble man from the hillsBoy
BriandThe old English form of Briand, meaning strong or hill.Boy
BriarOne who is like a shrub or a small treeUnisex
BriauailDynamic, restless and a loyal companionBoy
BriceA speckled BoyBoy
BricenA son of a nobleBoy
BricheveTo recieve a blessingUnisex
BrickHe is like a brikBoy
BrickmanA man made of briksBoy
BrictricSon of Alger, a powerful or strong rulerBoy
BrictwenThe bright friend or companionBoy
BridgeA word name, a bridgeUnisex
BridgeleyA person who is from the meadow near the bridgeUnisex
BridgerHe lives near the bridgeBoy
BriegDerives from the word, meaning bear, stone, discipleBoy
BriekThe elf rulerBoy
BrienA high noble manBoy
BrifardInventive, resourceful and optimistic personalityBoy
BrigacosThe high or mighty personBoy
BrigbamOne whose home is near the bridgeBoy
BriggA man from the village that is located near the bridgeBoy
BriggebamHe lives close to the bridgeBoy
BriggereHis home is close to bridgeBoy
BriggsHisvillage is near the bridgeBoy
BrighamOne from the little village near the bridgeBoy
BrihadaswaA name of the character in MahabharatBoy
BrihadeeshOne of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
BrihadrathaA name of a powerful heroBoy
BrihadyumnaA disciple of Sage Raibhya. Also means a KingBoy
BrihantOne who destroys the powerful oneBoy
BrihaspathiTeacher of Devas; Guru of the God's; The SunBoy
BrihatbalaA darring, brave warrior from Indian mythologyBoy
BrihthereThe bright or shining armyBoy
BrihtiuaThe brightness of a personBoy
BrihtiueThe bright or the brightnessBoy
BrijOne of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
Brij KishorA name of Lord KrishnaBoy
Brij MohanLord Krishna's placeBoy
BrijamohanOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his attractive natureBoy
BrijanandOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as giver of joyBoy
BrijdevA Boy name of Sikh originBoy
BrijenderA name of Lord BrijBoy
BrijendraOne who is the Lord of Braj LandBoy
BrijeshThe Lord of Brij, meaning Lord KrishnaBoy
BrijkishorA name of Lord KrishnaBoy
BrijmohanOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his attractive natureBoy
BrijnandanOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as giver of joyBoy
BrijodhA male Sikh nameBoy
BrijraajOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as King of Braj landBoy
BrijrajOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as King of Braj landBoy
BrijrajaA ruler of the natureBoy
BrikOne who comes from the place of bridgesBoy
BrilaneOne who is from the Brigham LaneUnisex
BrileeA noble man from the woodland meadowUnisex
BrileighA made up name from Brianna and Riley. Means A strong and a brave personUnisex
BrileyOne who is like a briar woodUnisex
BrillHe is from the land of hills. A surnameUnisex
BrinderThe ocean's rulerBoy
BrindleyThe wood that is burntBoy
BrindlyA wood burntBoy
BrinkleyOne who comes from the Brinca's FieldUnisex
BrinleeA meadow that is burtnBoy
BrinleighHe comes from the burnt meadowBoy
BrinleyA person who is from the burnt meadowBoy
BrinlieHe lives near the burnt meadowBoy
BrinlyOne from the burnt fieldBoy
BrinsleyA high man from the fieldBoy
BrintonA place name, one from BrintonBoy
BrinxleyA rare english nameBoy
BrinxtonA male english rare nameBoy
BriocA high noble individualBoy
BrionA brave man of many virtuesBoy
BrirarWithout painBoy
BrisanA man with valor and strenghtBoy
BrishanHe who is born during the rainstormBoy
BrishenA Boy born during the rainstormBoy
BrishketuA Hindi name for BoysBoy
BrisonA person of valor and braveryBoy
BrissenA clumsy person who breaks thingsBoy
BristolOne who comes from the place with bridgesBoy
BrisynA modern, made up name from BriceBoy
BritA man who is from BritainBoy
BritainA place name. One who is from BritainUnisex
BrithaelAn english name for Boys, associanted with BritainBoy
BrithnothA surname of British originBoy
BrithrethWith British rootsBoy
BrithunA British BoyBoy
BrittOne of strenghtBoy
BrittainA place name, an island of BritainUnisex
BrittanA person who is BritishBoy
BrittonA man of British heritageBoy
BrittoniA man from Little BritainBoy
BrittonyA native of BritainBoy
BrittynA person who is a Britain nativeBoy
BritynAn individual who comes from BritainBoy
BrityneA British manBoy
BrixtonPlace name in South EnglandBoy

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