191 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bu

BuHe who is a leaderBoy
BuanaA whole worldBoy
BubaiIn the WorldBoy
BubbaA family member, a BortherBoy
BubhutsuOne who is desired by allBoy
BubleyOne who is from Babylon. A surnameUnisex
BubuneHonor to HimBoy
BuburamOne who is a gentlemanBoy
BuccaA talkative person. Means mouthBoy
BucgeOne with a large mouthBoy
BuchananIrish Gaelic - House of the canonBoy
BuckOne lwho is like a deer, a male deerBoy
BuckleyOne who is like a deerBoy
BucklieOne from the deer-grazin meadowBoy
BucklyOne who comes from the deer meadowBoy
BuckminsterOne from the deer monastaryBoy
BuckyA deer-like manBoy
BudA buddy, a brother, a nicknameBoy
BudailA prophet's companion's nameBoy
BudatA princley manBoy
BudaylA name of the prophet's companionBoy
BuddaAn enlightened personBoy
BuddeyA nickname. Means buddy, brother, broBoy
BuddhaA person who is enlightedBoy
BuddhadebLord BuddhaBoy
BuddhadevA person who is very wiseBoy
BuddhadevaA wise personBoy
BuddhamitraOne who is Buddha's firendBoy
BuddhanandiOne who loves knowledgeBoy
BuddhapriyaOne who is loved by BuddhaBoy
BuddhikaHe who is clever and wise.Unisex
BuddhinathGod of Wisdom and KnowledgeBoy
BuddhipriyaOne who loves seeking knowledge and WisdomBoy
BuddhisagarSea of Wisdom and KnowledgeBoy
BuddhividhataGod of Knowledge; Talent and WisdomBoy
BuddieA nickname meaning buddyBoy
BuddyA nickname, a borther, a buddyBoy
BudecAn english male nameBoy
BudhOne who is enlightedBoy
BudhaThe Intelligent Person; Wise and Knowledgeable; One who has attained enlightmentBoy
BudhasutaSon of the one who is enlightedBoy
BudhhHe who has been enlightedBoy
BudhilAn academic, a learned personBoy
BudhjeetAn awakened girlBoy
BudhjiwanTo live life wiselyBoy
BudhjotThe light of the wisdomBoy
BudhleenOne who is submerged in wisdomBoy
BudhnaSpiritual Guide; Preachings for attaining enlightmentBoy
BudhpreetOne who loves or infatuate wisdomBoy
BudhroopOne who is the form of Budh or wisdomBoy
BudiTo have reason, mind or a characterBoy
BudihartoOne who is wise with the wealth.Boy
BudimirTo make peaceBoy
BudogA variant of Budog, meaning victoryBoy
BudrikaA learned and enlightened manBoy
BuenaventuraA good fortune in spanishBoy
BufordOne from the ford that is near the castleBoy
BuggaA man of powerBoy
BuggeA powerful manBoy
BuhaanHe who has proof and the evidenceBoy
BuhamOne from the homestead near a streamBoy
BuhmahOne who cannot be defeted, an invincible manBoy
BuhsumA firm and hard BoyBoy
BuhurA man who is oceans, seeas, and rivers in oneBoy
BuironOne who comes from the cottageBoy
BujA person like a lotus flowerUnisex
BujairName of the one who knewBoy
BujudatOne who keeps his wordBoy
BukhosiOne of royality and princehoodBoy
BukkaOne of sincere natureBoy
BukkhazariahA name with immence powerBoy
BukratA dawn, a new dayBoy
BuksisA Bakshish'a alternateBoy
BukthiOne with good knowledgeBoy
BulandAn upward manBoy
BuleshGreat; Huge; Large; A Lot; ImmenseBoy
BulhutBulhut is the name of narrator of Hadith.Boy
BullOne who has great phisical strenght, a bull-manBoy
BulujA glittering and shinning BoyBoy
BulusA small and humble personBoy
BulusuA person who is humble and smallBoy
BulwinderA king who has great powerBoy
BunTo tie hair int a knotUnisex
BundaOne with a furcoatUnisex
BunkechukwuThe one who belongs to God.Boy
BunnyTo be like a little rabbitUnisex
BuntyFrom the rhyme about the baby buntingUnisex
BunyanA swelling manBoy
BupposoA name that means: Buddha-Dharma-SanghaBoy
BuqatTo be like a lightening boltBoy
BuqratOne who is an ancient physicianBoy
BuraidA noble man.Boy
BurakTo be strong and fast as a lightning boltBoy
BuraqA Boy who is a bright oneBoy
BurasA Boy who is a rock or a stoneBoy
BuratA Muslim name for BoysBoy
BuraydahAn indoor placeBoy

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