39 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bud

BudA buddy, a brother, a nicknameBoy
BudailA prophet's companion's nameBoy
BudatA princley manBoy
BudaylA name of the prophet's companionBoy
BuddaAn enlightened personBoy
BuddeyA nickname. Means buddy, brother, broBoy
BuddhaA person who is enlightedBoy
BuddhadebLord BuddhaBoy
BuddhadevA person who is very wiseBoy
BuddhadevaA wise personBoy
BuddhamitraOne who is Buddha's firendBoy
BuddhanandiOne who loves knowledgeBoy
BuddhapriyaOne who is loved by BuddhaBoy
BuddhikaHe who is clever and wise.Unisex
BuddhinathGod of Wisdom and KnowledgeBoy
BuddhipriyaOne who loves seeking knowledge and WisdomBoy
BuddhisagarSea of Wisdom and KnowledgeBoy
BuddhividhataGod of Knowledge; Talent and WisdomBoy
BuddieA nickname meaning buddyBoy
BuddyA nickname, a borther, a buddyBoy
BudecAn english male nameBoy
BudhOne who is enlightedBoy
BudhaThe Intelligent Person; Wise and Knowledgeable; One who has attained enlightmentBoy
BudhasutaSon of the one who is enlightedBoy
BudhhHe who has been enlightedBoy
BudhilAn academic, a learned personBoy
BudhjeetAn awakened girlBoy
BudhjiwanTo live life wiselyBoy
BudhjotThe light of the wisdomBoy
BudhleenOne who is submerged in wisdomBoy
BudhnaSpiritual Guide; Preachings for attaining enlightmentBoy
BudhpreetOne who loves or infatuate wisdomBoy
BudhroopOne who is the form of Budh or wisdomBoy
BudiTo have reason, mind or a characterBoy
BudihartoOne who is wise with the wealth.Boy
BudimirTo make peaceBoy
BudogA variant of Budog, meaning victoryBoy
BudrikaA learned and enlightened manBoy

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