69 Baby Boy Names That Start With Bur

BuraidA noble man.Boy
BurakTo be strong and fast as a lightning boltBoy
BuraqA Boy who is a bright oneBoy
BurasA Boy who is a rock or a stoneBoy
BuratA Muslim name for BoysBoy
BuraydahAn indoor placeBoy
BurbankA Boy who lives on the hill of the castleBoy
BurchardA hardy and brave protector of peopleBoy
BurckhardOne who bravely protectsBoy
BurdettOne who is like a little birdBoy
BurdoPilgrim, carrying a pilgrim's staffBoy
BurdonA Boy whose home is in the castleBoy
BureigTo live in the fortified meadowBoy
BurfordOne who lives in the ford near the castleBoy
BurgGermanic - Protection; From the fortified hill or Castle; A variant of BergBoy
BurgardOne from the castle with strong wallsBoy
BurgeisA man who lives in the townBoy
BurgesA man from the townBoy
BurgessEnglish - Town CitizenBoy
BurghalAn individual who lives in the townBoy
BurghardA man who is as strong as a castleBoy
BurghredA man with the strenght of a castleBoy
BurgredOne from the red townBoy
BurgtunHe came from the fortress townBoy
BurgundyA name of the region in France. Also, a specific shade of purpleBoy
BurhaanA man who has some proofBoy
BurhanTo be in possession of a proof for somethingBoy
BurhardtGerman - Strong as a CastleBoy
BurhbankA man whose hme is the hill near the castleBoy
BurhdonOne who lives at the castleBoy
BurhleagTo come fom the castle meadowBoy
BurhredTo live in the red castleBoy
BurhtredOne who is from the red fortressBoy
BurhtunHe lives in the fortress townBoy
BuriOne who produces a sonBoy
BurianOne whose home is near the weedsBoy
BurjA person who is like a tower, a tall oneBoy
BurjizA hindi Boys nameBoy
BurkeHe came from the fortressBoy
BurketOne who is from the birch strongholdBoy
BurkettOne who is from the little strongholdBoy
BurkhardtA man with the strenght of a fortressBoy
BurkhartA person who is ctrong like a castleBoy
BurkittOne who comes from the place of brich treesBoy
BurlA wood that has knotsBoy
BurleighOne who lives in a fortified placeBoy
BurleyHis home is the castle meadowBoy
BurlinGerman - Son of BerlBoy
BurnOne whose home is near the streamBoy
BurnardA man with the bravery of a bearBoy
BurneA Boy from the brookBoy
BurnellHe is strong like a bearBoy
BurneyHe who lives on the brook islandBoy
BurnieBrenno's settlementBoy
BurnsA plave that a person comes from, a homeBoy
BurnuA Boy who comes from the brookBoy
BurpinderHe who is the king of all kingsBoy
BurrA beautiful youthBoy
BurrellOne who lives by the swampsBoy
BurrisOne who dwells in townsBoy
BursoneSon of the one who lives near a streamBoy
BursuqA man with a badger faceBoy
BurtOne who found glory in the brightnessBoy
BurtonOne who lives in glorious townsBoy
BuruA man who is like a bullBoy
BurujA name for the signs of the zodiacBoy
BurzinAn exalted Boy, a praised oneBoy

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