537 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ca

CandavegaOne who moves with the speed of a fireBoy
CandaviraA male name, mainly given to those who are BuddhistsBoy
CandelarioName derived from festival of CandlemasBoy
CandidOne who shines britht whiteBoy
CandidasaA fierce and devoted manBoy
CandidoHe glows whiteBoy
CandipatiA name of Lord ShivaBoy
CandonA sincere and honest manBoy
CandorAn honest, candor personBoy
CandrabhanaHe who is lustruous like the MoonBoy
CandrajaHe who was born of the MoonBoy
CandrakaOne with a red mark on the forheadBoy
CandrakinHe who wears the moon in his eyesBoy
CandramohanTo be like the moonUnisex
CandranathaHe who is a Moon KingBoy
CandransuHe is like the beam of the moonlightBoy
CandrasuryaA moon-like manBoy
CandrataSweet like the Moon's nectarBoy
CandresaHe is the Lord of the MoonBoy
CandrestaA Moon's beloved oneBoy
CandrinA Boy of goldBoy
CanduriA Boy who is like the MoonBoy
CaneOne who has a spearBoy
CangaA wise person who understands thingsBoy
CangadasaA wise and devoted manBoy
CanhThe endlessness of the environmentBoy
CaniceA Boy who looks very goodBoy
CannanHe is an official of the ChurchBoy
CanneOne who is from the valley of the deepBoy
CannonA man who is a Churches officialBoy
CanonAn administrator of the ChurchBoy
CantioriAn Irish nameBoy
CantiorixAn old Irish nameBoy
CantonA place name. One who comes from CantonBoy
CantrellSmall bellBoy
CantwineLike a Cantonian wineBoy
CanuraA man of thin thighsBoy
CanuteTo tie in a knotBoy
CaoA Chinesee surnameUnisex
CaolanA slender BoyBoy
CaolánA slender ladBoy
CaomhA very lovable personBoy
CapalaOne who is swift as a lightningBoy
CapricornA zodiac sigh, a goatUnisex
CaptainOne who is a chiefBoy
CapuletAn Italian surname, made famous in Romeo and JulietUnisex
CaquiaHe is like a tunderBoy
CaractacusOne who is lovedBoy
CaracyA well spoken, truthful and kind hearted personBoy

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