52 Baby Boy Names That Start With Cal

CalA devoted personUnisex
CalahOne with many opptrunitiesBoy
CalahanOne who loves churches and templomsBoy
CalaisOne who changes colorsUnisex
CalanA child that is contemporaryBoy
CalapatiOne who is the Lord of movingBoy
CalbertHe who herds cowsBoy
CalbexHe who is a shepardBoy
CalderOne who comes from the river of stoneBoy
CalderonAn occupational name, meaning tinkerBoy
CaldreOne who comes from the stony riverBoy
CaldwellA man from the cold springsBoy
CaleA bold man. It's a surnameBoy
CalebOne faithful as a dogBoy
CaledonA tough personUnisex
CalemHe is like a doveBoy
CalemundA dove-like manBoy
CalenPeople's victoryBoy
CalevLike a heartBoy
CaleyA young child who is contemporaryBoy
Calfhierdene who herds sheepsBoy
CalhounA man from the narrow forestBoy
CalianHe is a warrior of the lifeBoy
CalibomName of Arthur's swordBoy
CalibumusName of Arthur's swordBoy
CaliburnA variation of the King Arthur's sword nameBoy
CalilA flow of the sounds in rhythmBoy
CalimeroA man with beautiful thighsBoy
CalinA powerful fighter in the warBoy
CaliphAn Islamic titleBoy
CalixA chalice, a grailBoy
CalixtoTo be beutifulBoy
CallaghanA son of a content manBoy
CallahanOne with a light headBoy
CallanTo fight in the battle with rocksBoy
CallawayOne from a plebbly placeBoy
CalldwrHe is brom the cold brookBoy
CalleA man who is freeBoy
CallesOne who is like a stoneBoy
CallisterHe is Alister's sonBoy
CallisthenesOne who has beautiful strenghtBoy
CallixtusHe is the most beautiful manBoy
CallumHe looks like a doveBoy
CalogeroA beautiful elderly manBoy
CalumA dove-like personBoy
CalunothA british male nameBoy
CalvertA person who is a herdsmanBoy
CalvexA man who is a shepardBoy
CalvinA hairless, bald manBoy
CalvinoA man who is baldBoy
CalwaA place name in CaliforniaUnisex
CalyxMan who is very handsomeBoy

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