127 Baby Boy Names That Start With Car

CaractacusOne who is lovedBoy
CaracyA well spoken, truthful and kind hearted personBoy
CaradocA dearly loved oneBoy
CaradogHe is a deeply loved oneBoy
CaradosA legendary ancestor to Gwent kingsBoy
CarakaA wanderer and a religious personBoy
CaranacusHe who is loved and dearBoy
CarantacvsA dear manBoy
CarantocA man of many virtuesBoy
CarantokThe name is derived from the Celtic word karant, which means friend.Boy
CarantorivsHe has many virtuesBoy
CaratacusHe is loved and cared forBoy
CarataucA British Boy's nameBoy
CarbaniA British name for baby BoysBoy
CarberryOne who comes from the tree hedgeBoy
CarbryHe is from the tree's hedgeBoy
CardaOne with a teasle headBoy
CardenHe who cards woodBoy
CardiffA place name, one who is from CardiffBoy
CardwellOne who comes from the cold streamBoy
CareemA man with generous personalityBoy
CarelHe who is very strongBoy
CareyHe lives in the fortressBoy
CarganA little one who is like a rockBoy
CariadA darling and beloved personUnisex
CariannA man who is a darlingBoy
CarielHe is a free manBoy
CarilephA name for British BoysBoy
CarimanA beauty in the movingBoy
CarinuSicilian form of Carinus, meaning dear or beloved.Boy
CarioA caring manBoy
CaristonA modern, but rare English nameBoy
CaritasA giving manBoy
CaritraThe charachter of a personBoy
CarlA mainly free manBoy
CarlatunOne who comes from the farm of ClarlBoy
CarlayHe is a men's manBoy
CarlensSettlement of free menBoy
CarletonA peasant's townBoy
CarlieA little championBoy
CarlileOne who comes from the wall of the God Lugus. A surnameBoy
CarlinHe is a little championBoy
CarlingA Boy who is a small championBoy
CarlinoLittle man who is very mainlyBoy
CarlisleA man who comes from the protected, walled cityBoy
CarlitisPeasant settlementBoy
CarlitoA little dear BoyBoy
CarlitosHe is an endearing little BoyBoy
CarloA strong mainly manBoy
CarlosA mainly manBoy

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