43 Baby Boy Names That Start With Cat

CatacvsEnglish male nameBoy
CatahecassaName means a Black hoofBoy
CatakaHe who is a poetBoy
CataldoA form of Cathal, meaning old.Boy
CatamanusA latin male nameBoy
CatarinoA genuine manBoy
CatavignusA Celtic male nameBoy
CatelA warrior with eagle helmetBoy
CatellA warrior that wears the eagle helmetBoy
CatenA wise and knowledgable manBoy
CaterOne who works as a catererBoy
CatgenAffectionate, emotional and clever individualBoy
CatgualOne who has a imaginative and creative mind; interesting beingBoy
CatguallaunA leader of the Coeling dynastieBoy
CatguareA capable, resourceful, practical and versatile beingBoy
CatguaretA respectful, cool headed and unsophisticated, capable beingBoy
CatgucaunA considerate, materialistic and friendly being; trustworthyBoy
CatgucauniOne who is successful, passionate and energetic human beingBoy
CatguocaunAn over sensitive, humble and nurturing individual; honestBoy
CatguoretA respected, reasonable and serious minded individualBoy
CathalA mighty great warriorBoy
CaticvvsOne who has intense personal nature and strong desireBoy
CatoAn intelligent, brainy BoyBoy
CatociA tolerant, hopeful, alluring and insightful personBoy
CatomagliA person who is passionate and compassionate individualBoy
CatomaglusA Boy, British nameBoy
CatonA knowedgable BoyBoy
CatotigirniA self satisfied, reasonable and respected beingBoy
CatterickName of a battle in Arthurian legend.Boy
CattleOne who herds the cettleUnisex
CatuoconiA male name of British rootsBoy
CaturaA skillful, clever and charming BoyBoy
CaturangaA beautiful horseBoy
CaturasvaA horse ownerBoy
CaturasyaOne who lives in a building of four anglesBoy
CaturbahuA four armed GodBoy
CaturgatiA four legged one, also a tortoiseBoy
CaturixThe Helveti war GodBoy
CaturnanaA Hindi Boy nameBoy
CaturugusGood tempered, interesting, humble and ordinary beingBoy
CaturvaktraOne who has four Faces; One of the many names of Lord BrahmaBoy
CatuspaniA name for Lord VishnuBoy
CatvrvgiA godly, understanding, tender and soulful personBoy

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