29 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ceo

CeobbaAn educated individualBoy
CeofaA frank coal seller and bold individualBoy
CeofelThey have a intuitive, absorbing and reflective way of thinking and are passionateBoy
CeolA swelling; The one of the shipBoy
CeolaThe throatUnisex
CeolbaldAn assertive and confident individualBoy
CeolbealdA level- headed, balanced and daringBoy
CeolbeorhtA daring seamanBoy
CeolfridA lonesome personBoy
CeolfrihA level- headed, balanced and daring; an abbotBoy
CeolfrithAn abbot; they have a balanced and stable headBoy
CeolheardAn open minded manBoy
CeolhelmA progressive, intense, exciting person with a sense of humourBoy
CeolhereA high-spirited personBoy
CeollaA level- headed, balanced and daringBoy
CeolmaerA cheerful and mature individualBoy
CeolmundThe one who protects and pampersBoy
CeolnothA competent, noble and outspoken personBoy
CeolredPure joy, love and experiences blissBoy
CeolswithA self-satisfied beingBoy
CeolwaldName of a King; they are belovedBoy
CeolwealdFresh, humane and progressiveBoy
CeolweardName of a King; they are belovedBoy
CeolwulfA beloved KingBoy
CeommaA unique name who is beautiful and wittyBoy
CeonredA clean, observant beingBoy
CeorlA husbandBoy
CeorraThey are fearless, neat and activeBoy
CeowaldA lonely and diligent human beingBoy

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