47 Baby Boy Names That Start With Chr

ChrestaFollower of Lord Jesus, the son of GodBoy
ChriragLamp; an electric device that gives out lightBoy
ChrisFollower of Lord Jesus, the son of GodBoy
ChrishanMoonstone; a precious stone used in jewelleryBoy
ChrishanthaSocial, a sociable beingBoy
ChrisopherBearer of Lord Jesus, the son of GodBoy
ChristThe Annointed; blessed by God himselfBoy
ChristanOne who is a Christianity by religion and believes that Jesus is the son of GodBoy
ChristeanOne who has faith in Christianityity religionBoy
ChristeenOne whose religion is Christanity and follows JesusBoy
ChristerOne who is Christianity by religionBoy
ChristiaanOne who is Christianity by birthBoy
ChristiamA ChristianityBoy
ChristianFollower of Jesus ChristBoy
ChristianityOne who believes that Jesus is the son of GodBoy
ChristianityoOne who is Christianity by birthBoy
ChristianityosAnnointed, blessedBoy
ChristieChristianity; follower of ChristBoy
ChristienFollower of Christ; annointed; ChristianityBoy
ChristmasThe day Jesus Christ, the son of God was bornBoy
ChristoFollower of Christ; the annointedBoy
ChristofThe one who holds Jesus Christ in his heartBoy
ChristoferOne who has Christ in his heartBoy
ChristoffOne who holds Christ and his teachings in his heartBoy
ChristoffelOne who is the bearer of ChristBoy
ChristofferHe who holds the son of God, Christ, in his heartBoy
ChristoforOne who has Christ withinBoy
ChristoforoJesus Christ bearerBoy
ChristoforusOne who has Christ in his heartBoy
ChristopOne who is bearer of Jesus ChristBoy
ChristoperHe who is Bearer of ChristBoy
ChristophOne who is the bearer of JesusBoy
ChristopheBearing Christ, the son of GodBoy
ChristopherBearer of Jesus ChristBoy
ChristophorusHe who is the Bearer of ChristBoy
ChristosMessiah; the annointed oneBoy
ChristpherOne who is Christ bearerBoy
ChristyA Christianity; follower of Christianityity religionBoy
ChristyanA follower of Jesus ChristBoy
ChroferusA self satisfied, interesting and helpful naturedBoy
ChronosTime, pace, era; something that is measured in seconds, minutes, or hoursBoy
ChroseusOne who is restless, fantastic and versatile humanBoy
ChrysanthosA golden flowerBoy
ChrysogonA Medieval English name of Greek originBoy
ChrystalCrystal; a transparent clear solidBoy
ChrystanOne who believes in ChristBoy
ChrystinA follower of Jesus Christ; the Son of GodBoy

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