47 Baby Boy Names That Start With Chu

ChubinOne having a wooden club, bat or mace. It's the nickname of the famous General Bahram of King Khusru Parvez who had a wooden club.Boy
ChuckFamous bearer; one who gives or yields upholdsBoy
ChuckieA free man; a commoner who is free of any forceful dominancy from the stateBoy
ChuckyFree man; one who can act or think the way he wantsBoy
ChudakaForming the CrestBoy
ChudamaniThe best crest jewelBoy
ChudarmaniIntelligent; Brilliant; Lighting from the Fire; Bright; Radiant; Splendid; MagnificientBoy
ChudaroliIntelligent; Brilliant; Lighting from the Fire; Bright; Radiant; Splendid; MagnificientBoy
ChugaiTranscending Universe; to exist above and independentBoy
ChukThe Supreme divine; the one beyond everythingBoy
ChuksGod; the Supreme immortalBoy
ChukwudumagaGod leads me.Boy
ChukwuebukaGod is greatBoy
ChukwuemekaIt is a term for the phrase "God has done something great"Boy
ChukwuemerieGod has won.Boy
ChukwuenekaGod is kind to us.Boy
ChukwumaGod knows, God knows better than anyone.Boy
Chul (쿨)Firm; something that is neither soft nor very hardBoy
Chul-Moo (철무)The weapon of ironBoy
ChulbulMischievous; naughty; someone who is bubbly by natureBoy
ChulikaSummit; Top most;Boy
ChulinHaving a Crest; Having an ornament on the crownBoy
ChullakiA kind of Water PotBoy
ChulliCooking Fire; Flame; BlazeBoy
ChuluLittle Bit; Small;Boy
ChuluunStone, or he who is strong as stone.Boy
ChuluunboldStone steelBoy
ChumanCurious; Inquisitive; Enquiring mindBoy
ChunThe spring season; the season of bloomsUnisex
ChungThe person who is wise and has deep understanding in various mattersBoy
Chung Ae (청애)Noble and loveBoy
Chung-Hee (정희)One who is righteous and dutiful.Boy
Chung-Ho (정호)A righteous lakeBoy
ChunkeyStrong; Healthy; Powerful; Well BuiltBoy
ChunkyStrong; healthy; free from any diseaseBoy
ChunmaySupreme Consciousness; one who is aware of everything surrounding himBoy
ChuntaCheating; to use unfair or fraud means for one's own benefitBoy
ChuongChapter; a part of a whole storyBoy
ChurOne who sells coal for a livingBoy
ChurchillOne who lives at the Church hillBoy
ChurchyllSomeone who dwells at the Church hillBoy
ChuwudubemLead me, oh God.Boy
ChuyAnother name for JesusBoy

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