133 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ci

CiabaThe seller of coal, a fuel obtained from the remains of dead and decaying plantsBoy
CiabhanA mortal in the Irish legend who fell in love with a beautiful goddess, Cliodhna, who was swept away into the sea by a great waveBoy
CianThe name of the mythical ancestor of the Cianachta of the Irish legendBoy
CiananDerived from the name of a 5th century Irish saintBoy
CiarBlack; the darkest colour that absorbs light completelyBoy
CiaranOne who is dark in complexionBoy
CibbaA considerate, responsible and a devoteeBoy
CicaA coal seller; the son of the dark manBoy
CiccaOne who makes a living by selling coalBoy
CiceroChickpea; a pulse from the pea family; an edible seedBoy
CicilMoonstone, a precious shiny gemstoneBoy
CidGod; the almighty; one who presides over mankindBoy
CidambaraOne whose heart is as huge and vast as the skyBoy
CidanandaHappiness beyond limits; ultimate happiness or blissBoy
CidatmaIntelligence in it's purest formBoy
CidatmataOne whose thoughts are very pureBoy
CiddGod; the absolute beingBoy
CiddaThe seller of coal; a metamorphic rockBoy
CiddhatuSoul in it's pure and original formBoy
CidghanaOne who is full of knowledge on every subjectBoy
CidrichA humble cooperative and cunning human beingBoy
CidrupaOne who is a knowledge incarnateBoy
CidullasaThe thoughts and thinkings of a wise personBoy
CidvilasaOne who has immense knowledge in illusionBoy
CieddaA clearing in the hollowBoy
CifaThe one who sells coal for a livingBoy
CihirA bird named ChumchumBoy
CikitaOne who is experienced; has vast knowledge about various things due to personal experiencesBoy
CiksuraOne who gives or inflicts pain to fellow human beingsBoy
CikuraMountain, an elevation on the earth's surface; is also another word for hair on the headBoy
CilciuhinnAn interesting, understanding, cheerful and likable beingBoy
CildaOne who is a seller of coal; Son of a dusky manBoy
CilistinuSicilian form of Caelestinus. It means of the sky or heavenly.Boy
CilixThe son of Agenor, popular in Greek mythologyBoy
CillianOne who is associated with the Church and its MinistryBoy
CimanCurious; need to know more about somethingBoy
CimarronOne who is wild and free-spirited; one who cannot be controlled or tamed by anyoneBoy
CimeilliaucA candid, eager and insightful individual; alluringBoy
CimesetliA soft hearted, considerate and lonely personBoy
CimoreneOne who loves nature, responsible and diligent beingBoy
CinanHead; chief; one who is the chief presiderBoy
CinbranA normal, blunt, youthful and noble personBoy
CincennA noble, cheerful and independent individualBoy
CincinnatusOne whose hair is curly; curly hair; hair with curlsBoy
CincoThe number five; one who is fifth bornBoy
CingalA self confident, independent and gorgeous personBoy
CingenOne who loves to sing. A surnameBoy
CingeswellOne who lives for the praise of his king; who makes his king happyBoy
CingeswiellaOne who lives for the happiness of his king, like the spring seasonBoy
CingetorixOne who is considered as the king of warriors; leader of warriors; best warriorBoy

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