34 Baby Boy Names That Start With Cit

CitadhanaOne who is conscious, attentive, alert, perceiving, watchfulBoy
CitakaSomething that is worn on the neck; an ornamentBoy
CitanaOne who is a star in the skyUnisex
CitapatiConsidered as the God of intelligence; Lord of wisdomBoy
CitayuOne who is born intelligent; the intelligent oneBoy
CitlaliA star; an object of the space and universeUnisex
CitocOne who is the son of a dark man; an intense personBoy
CitrabahuOne who has lots of spots or patches on his armBoy
CitrabanaOne who owns arrows of different colours and varietiesBoy
CitrabanuFire; Magnificient and Splendid Flame; Shining with lightBoy
CitrabhaFire; Magnificient and Splendid Flame; Shining with lightBoy
CitracapaOne who owns bows of different varieties and coloursBoy
CitraguOne who owns cows that are brownish, with streaks of other colourBoy
CitrakaPainter; an artist who is spealized in the art of painting picturesBoy
CitraketuOwner of a beautiful banner, that is, a strip of cloth bearing slogans or sayingsBoy
CitraksaOne whose eyes have small patches or small spotsBoy
CitrakutaA wonderful mountain peak, or apex, or browBoy
CitrangaOne whose body is made up of different coloursBoy
CitrasenaOne who has a bright spear; a weaponBoy
CitrasilaA Hindi Boy nameBoy
CitrasvaA horse that is painted with colours; a beautiful painted horseBoy
CitravasuOne who is very rich and has lots of treasuresBoy
CitresaThe God of the moon; Lord of the satellite of the earthBoy
CitrisaThe wonderful Lord of the moon, which is the satellite of the earthBoy
CitryaSparkling; bright; effervescent; brilliantBoy
CittaOne's thoughts and intellect; one's collection of thoughtsBoy
CittajaOne who is not born of the mind; one who is born of the heart and thinks from the heart, not mindBoy
CittaparaIrreasonable; something that does not have any reasonBoy
CittavataOne who is very kind hearted; who is kind, caring, and compassionateBoy
CittayuOne who is the son of the heart; one who is sensitive, and thinks emotionallyBoy
CittinOne who thinks very wisely; One who thinks before he actsBoy
CitvanaTo glance at; to look at something hurriedly; to take a small peepBoy
CitvataOne who thinks logically; with sound reasoning and sensibilityBoy

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