115 Baby Boy Names That Start With Cl

ClaytinA town next to a clay bed; a land made of clayBoy
ClaytonA town or settlement that is made from clayBoy
ClearyHighly educated; scholar; learned; knowledgeable; culturedBoy
CleatusWell known; admired; illustrious; acclaimed; prominent; influentialBoy
CleavantA river bank that is very steep, and falls sharplyBoy
CleaveA cliff; a rock face; an escarpment at the edge of a seaBoy
CleavonCliff; a rock at the edge of a seaBoy
CleeveA short term for Cleveland; a city in the U.SBoy
CleisthenesGlory and strengthBoy
ClelandA land that is made up of clay; claylandBoy
ClellDescendant of the wolf familyBoy
ClellanSon of a follower of a Saint named FillanBoy
ClemOne who is gentle, soft and mercifulBoy
ClemeTender; gentle; good natured; lenient; understandingBoy
ClemensGood natured; gentle and mercifulBoy
ClementGentle; merciful and warm heartedBoy
ClementeMerciful; lenient; soft hearted; loving; sweet temperedBoy
ClemethHe is merciful and a gentle personBoy
ClemmonsMerciful; pitiful; forgives easily; tenderBoy
ClemmyGentle; mild; soft; tender; merciful; pleasantUnisex
ClemoThe Cornish diminutive of Clement or Clemence. It means mild or mercifulBoy
CleofasOne who sees fame, glory and worthy of praiseBoy
CleonOne who hails from the cliff; famous and illustrious in GreekBoy
CleophasUsed in the New Testament, he is the husband of a woman who saw Jesus being crucifiedBoy
ClercDerived from the word 'Clerk' or 'secretary'. Also means intelligent in LatinBoy
ClesekAn old Cornish name derived from the word clos, which means fame.Boy
CletoTo call a spirit while praying; uaually done by a PopeBoy
CletusTo summon; to call forth someone; to call upon someoneBoy
CleveCliff; a short rock, located at the brim of the seaBoy
ClevelandA land that is hilly; a land covered by hills; a hilly landBoy
ClevonOne who hails from the cliff; One who lives in the cliffBoy
ClifA man who is brave, fearless, daring and boldBoy
CliffA ridge, located at the edge of the seaBoy
CliffordA stream found near a slope; A river adjacent to a slopeBoy
ClifftonA farm located near a cliff; A cliff near a farmBoy
CliflandA land that is hilly; a land filled with hillsBoy
CliftA cliff or slope; a ridge located at the corner of a riverBoy
CliftonResidence on a cliff; houses and settlements on a cliffBoy
CliftunA farm located adjacent to a cliffBoy
ClintSettlement or residence on a hill; people residing on a hillBoy
ClintonDerived from the name of an English placeBoy
ClinttunOne who hails from the headland estateBoy
ClintwoodA town, where people reside; another meaning is hill, an elevation on the landBoy
ClioAn artist of History, who played the lyreBoy
CliveOne who hails near a cliff; one who resides near a cliffBoy
ClochidesA hard working, impulsive and a daydreamerBoy
ClodwalAn icy cold, blue manBoy
ClooneyHailing from the meadows; a land filled with grassBoy
CloruSicilian form of Chlorus, meaning pale green.Boy
ClotualiA cold oneBoy

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