76 Baby Boy Names That Start With Cor

CorbalengA versatile, sensitive and content human beingBoy
CorbalengiLoyal, brilliant and fantastic human beingBoy
CorbalengusA good natured, skillful and cultured personBoy
CorbanA sharp, steep, almost perpendicular hillBoy
CorbenOne whose hair is as black as the raven birdBoy
CorbenicName of the place where the grail was kept.Boy
CorbetHair as black as the raven birdBoy
CorbettRaven; a black bird that resembles a crowBoy
CorbinA black bird resembling crow; RavenBoy
CorbinianA raven; a bird resembling the crowBoy
CorbitBlack bird; the raven, a bird that looks like crowBoy
CorbittBlack haired; the raven, that is black coloured and resembles a crowBoy
CorbyA young, new born crow, that is a few weeks oldBoy
CorbynOne whose hair is as black as the bird raven's colourBoy
CordA bold and honest adviser; one who advices fearlesslyBoy
CordaleOne who mkes chords and strings; a chord makerBoy
CordaroA lamb; a baby sheepBoy
CordayThe maker of chords; a strings and chord manufacturerBoy
CordellMaker and seller of strings and chordsBoy
CorderA baby sheep; a lambBoy
CorderoA lamb; a little sheepBoy
CordieOne who sells ropes and chords; a rope sellerBoy
CordovanA wool used to make carpets, from ArgentinaBoy
CoreeA steep, deep gorge that has very steep sidesBoy
CorentinA hurricane; a violent storm or tornadoBoy
CorentynThe Cornish form of the name Corentin, meaning hero.Boy
CoreyA boiling, frothing, foaming poolBoy
CoriA turbulent, boiling pool filled with foamBoy
CorianderA herbaceous plant used in culinaryUnisex
CoridonA long feather on a helmetBoy
CorinComing from a hollow in a mountainBoy
CorinthSatisfied, contented; can also mean ornamentBoy
CorinthianHailing from the ancient city of Corinth in GreeceBoy
CoriolanusThe tragedy that happened to Coriolanus; a story of ShakespeareBoy
CorkyA hollow in a mountain or a hillBoy
CorleyA hollow or an empty space in a hillBoy
CormacThe son of the one who drives the chariot; the son of the charioteerBoy
CormackOne who rides the chariot; a charioteerBoy
CormoranA character that appears in the fairytale "Jack the Giant Killer"Boy
CornalDerived from the name of a townBoy
CornelioA bony outgrowth that is usually seen in cattle like cows, buffalows, goat,etcBoy
CorneliousHorns; a bony substance that grows on the body of certain animalsBoy
CornelisHorn; a bony growth on the body of some animalsBoy
CorneliuRomanian form of Cornelius, meaning 'horn'.Boy
CorneliusHoen, i.e. a bony growth that grows on the bodies of certain animalsBoy
CornellThe name of a town in BritainBoy
CornellisA horn; a bony growth on the bodies of cattleBoy
CornettHorn or horn blower; refers to the one who blows hornsBoy
CornwallisPerson hailing from a town named CornwallBoy
CorradoFearless, bold, not afraid, valiantBoy
CorranOne who bears a spear; a weapon used at the times of warBoy
CorreyA vacant space or hollow in a hillBoy
CorrickA hollow or vacant space in a hillBoy
CorridonWielder or bearer of spear, a war weaponBoy
CorriganWielder of a little spear, a war weaponBoy
CorrinBearer or wielder of a spear, a war weaponBoy
CorrynThe colour "grey", a mixture of black and whiteBoy
CorsSon of the dark manBoy
CorsabrinA detail oriented, deep natured and generous beingBoy
CortA man who works at the court; a courtier. Also means "short" or "stunted" in Norse. Means "courageous" in GermanBoy
CortelAn alliance of enterpricesBoy
CortezCourteous, polite in manners, well behaved and respectfulBoy
CortlandA short, small piece of landBoy
CortlandtA land where farming is done; a farming landBoy
CortneyA person who lives in a court; a courtierBoy
CortyOne who advices others boldly and in a candid mannerBoy
CorvinOne whose hair is like a Raven'sBoy
CorvusA raven; a black bird that resembles a crowBoy
CorwanA loyal friend; a liver friendBoy
CorwinA very close friend who is close to the heartBoy
CorwineA close friend, a friend close to the heartBoy
CorwynA best friend; the best companion; the friend closest to the heartBoy
CoryA pool that is foaming, fizzy or seethingBoy
CorydonPrepared or ready for a war, battle or fightBoy
CoryellOne who wears a protection for his head; one who wears a helmetBoy
CorzenA kinsman, a cousin. Used as a surnameBoy

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