83 Baby Boy Names That Start With Cr

CristobalDerived from the name "Christ" and the French suffix "bal" meaning "to dance" which implies 'Dance of Christ'; also implies to someone who holds Christ in their heart.Boy
CristoferLiterally means 'with Christ inside"Boy
CristoforRomanian form of Christopher, meaning follower of Christ.Boy
CristoforoDerived from the name 'Christopher"; Christ bearer,Someone who holds Christ in their heartBoy
CristòfuruSicilian form of Christopher. It means bearing Christ.Boy
CristopherEnglish and Spanish Variant of the name "Christopher"; Bearing,carrying Christ in your heartBoy
CrocThe name given to the lizard of the riverBoy
CrockettOriginated from the English word "Croket" meaning 'a large curl' (referring too hairstyle)Boy
CroftenA person from the enclosed town; town with enclosed fieldsBoy
CroftonA variant of "Croften"; referring to a town with small enclosed field; Cottage townBoy
CroixThe cross which signifies Christianityity; Also the French cognate of "Cruz"; "Holy Cross" in SpanishBoy
CromptonOriginated from the word "Crumpton" which implies bowed or malformed; Could be used to refer to a person from the winding farmBoy
CromwellRefers to a person who lives nearby a winding stream; From the crooked wellBoy
CronanSlightly dark one; Could refer to "Dark brown"Boy
CrosbeyImplies "By the cross"; invariant to "Crosby"Boy
CrosbySomeone who resides by the sign of the crossBoy
CrosleaMeadow beside crossBoy
CrosleighNear cross MeadowBoy
CrosleyMeadow across the crossBoy
CrossCross or the CrucifixBoy
CrossonSon of crossBoy
CrostonA farm or a settlementBoy
CrowThe bird crowBoy
CrowfordName of a placeBoy
CroydonA ValleyBoy
ČrtShort form of Črtomir, meaning peace, worldBoy
ČrtomirPeace, worldBoy
CrueA certain group of peopleBoy
CruiseA word nameBoy
CrusoeLiterary nameBoy
CruzAnother name of crossBoy
CrwysAnother name of Cross; crucifixUnisex
CrympelA relaxed, young personBoy

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