23 Baby Boy Names That Start With Cri

CricketResembling a chirping insect of the night;Unisex
CriddiA respectful and cool headed individualBoy
CrightonDerived from "Creighton" meaning lives at a rocky place,near a borderBoy
CrisFollower of christ; diminutive of Christopher, ChristianityBoy
CrishdeepOne who sees one GodBoy
CrisiantCrystal; Clear; BrightUnisex
CrispinDerived from the Roman family name "Crispinus"; CurlyHairedBoy
CrispinoItalian, Spanish and Portuguese form of "Crispin" meaning CurlyhairedBoy
CrispusRoman cognomen which means "Curly haired"Boy
CristAbbreviation of the name "Christianity"Boy
CristenInvariant form of the Latin name "Christianityus"; Disciple of ChristUnisex
CristiaCatalan form of "Christianity"; Believer and follower of ChristBoy
CristianRomanian form of "Christianity"; Disciple of ChristBoy
CristianeFrench form of the name "Christianity" meaning disciple of ChristBoy
CristianoItalian and Portuguese form of Christianity. A famous bearer is Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (1985); Follower of ChristBoy
CristoSpanish,Italian and Portuguese form of "Christopher"; Follower of Christ; Also means Productive and efficientBoy
CristobalDerived from the name "Christ" and the French suffix "bal" meaning "to dance" which implies 'Dance of Christ'; also implies to someone who holds Christ in their heart.Boy
CristoferLiterally means 'with Christ inside"Boy
CristoforRomanian form of Christopher, meaning follower of Christ.Boy
CristoforoDerived from the name 'Christopher"; Christ bearer,Someone who holds Christ in their heartBoy
CristòfuruSicilian form of Christopher. It means bearing Christ.Boy
CristopherEnglish and Spanish Variant of the name "Christopher"; Bearing,carrying Christ in your heartBoy

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