155 Baby Boy Names That Start With Dar

DarA PearlBoy
DaraOne with many talentsBoy
DarabAdmiral or the senior most commander of a navy or fleet.Boy
DaraghAn OakUnisex
DarahShepherd's homeBoy
DarahaasSmile; Beaming; Gleaming; JoyfulBoy
DarahasConstant smileBoy
DarakhshanBright lightBoy
DaranGreat personality masterBoy
DaranPrince or monarchBoy
DaraniWorld; Earth; LandBoy
DarayDark skinnedUnisex
DarazdastIt means long handed. King Artaxerxes Longimanus was called Darazdast for his long hands.Boy
DarbGrazing place for DeerBoy
DarbeyGrazing park for DeerUnisex
DarbhaSweet dried grassBoy
DarbhiMaking sacrificeBoy
DarbiTown for deerBoy
DarbieName of a place where Deer grazeUnisex
DarbjotOne who has light of wealthBoy
DarbyIndependent manBoy
DarceThe dark oneBoy
DarcioA variation of Darcy. It means dark or from Arcy.Boy
DardSon of ZeusBoy
DardanOne who lived near troyBoy
DarduraOne who has cavesBoy
DareauOne who is dearly loved, openBoy
DarehA rich personBoy
DareiosDareios is the original form of Darius. It means to possess something good.Boy
DarekA gifted rulerBoy
DarelOne from the Airelle; LovelyUnisex
DarellWord for huckleberry; belovedUnisex
DarenGreat and powerfulBoy
DarenceA blending nameBoy
DarianGift sent from heaven on EarthBoy
DaricOak heartedBoy
DarickStrong personBoy
DaridraPoor manBoy
DarielWide openBoy
DarijoCroatian form of Darius, meaning to possess.Boy
DarimHadith narratorBoy
DarioRich and healthy personBoy
DarioushA healthy KingBoy
DarisVery important personBoy
DariusRich and KindBoy
DariushWise KingBoy
DariuszA protectorBoy
DarkoPure gift from GodBoy
DarlBeloved personBoy
DarleyA DeerBoy
DarmaGood deed or dutyBoy
DarmanA medication, medicine or a remedyBoy
DarnalTo hideBoy
DarnallSecret which is well keptBoy
DarneilA hidden chamberBoy
DarnelPerfect hiding placeBoy
DarnellNook or a cornerBoy
DaroldAn army rulerBoy
DaronA great manBoy
DarpadMighty Lord ShivaBoy
DarpahanDestroys egoBoy
DarpaharaThe one who eliminates egoBoy
DarpakGove of romanceBoy
DarpakaOne who has prideBoy
DarpanReflection; mirrorBoy
DarpanarayanaKamdev; God of Love; Lord of AffectionBoy
DarpitGlorious; Bright; Radiant; LuminousBoy
DarpreetLove at God's doorBoy
DarrabahClever individualBoy
DarraghRascal; fertileBoy
DarrahWealthy and BlackBoy
DarrakA prudent manBoy
DarralOpen oneBoy
DarranA great and superior individualBoy
DarranceRely; desireBoy
DarrbeyA farmsteadBoy
DarrbieThe one who is free from hatred and envyBoy
DarrbyFertile; free from envyBoy
DarrelA townBoy
DarrellA good and steady workerBoy
DarrenStrong as an Oak treeBoy
DarrenceCombination nameBoy
DarrickStrong oneBoy
DarrienSoothing poemUnisex
DarrikOne who rules the landBoy
DarrillThe one who is adored by everyoneBoy
DarrinA unique and great individualBoy
DarrionA determined and stubborn personBoy
DarriusA rich, kind and daring individualBoy
DarroThe hard oneBoy
DarrochStrong heartedBoy
DarrolDarling and a kind hearted individualBoy
DarroldName depicting pride and honourBoy
DarrollA special personBoy
DarronSon of Oak treeBoy
DarrowBrave heartedBoy

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