53 Baby Boy Names That Start With Dav

DavaVersion of David meaning belovedBoy
DavanA fascinating nameUnisex
DavanandJoy of God; Happiness and Bliss of God;Boy
DavanteA pure and lovng individualBoy
DavarikaA cherished individualBoy
DavashishBlessing of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DaveA happy and merry personBoy
DaveenBeloved; Feminine of DavidBoy
DaveenaBeauty; Magnificence; Loveliness; Attractiveness; ExquisitenessBoy
DaveighOne who is much lovedUnisex
DavenderAnother name of Lord Indra; Lord of the LordsBoy
DavenjaAn educated and nice personBoy
DaveonOne who is love and cherished by peopleBoy
DavetA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DavethOne who is the favouriteBoy
DaveyOne who is dearly loved and adoredBoy
DaviAn awesome beingBoy
DavianOne with a lovely heart and soulBoy
DavidA beloved friendBoy
DaviddeA sweet heart and a loverBoy
DavideA humanitarian and broadminded personBoy
DavidsonSon of DavidBoy
DavidsoneOne who has deep inner desiresBoy
DavieThe son of David; adoredBoy
DavielOne who is a prizedBoy
DaviesA prized individualBoy
DavignonDearly loved personUnisex
DavinA precious beingBoy
DavindarKing of Gods; Emperor of Gods; Supreme most GodBoy
DavinderA good and steady worker who is passionate about workBoy
DavinderbirKing of the GodsBoy
DavinderjitVictorious King of Gods; Triumphant Emperor of God; Supreme power of GodBoy
DavinderjotLight of King of GodsBoy
DavindermeetMeditating individualBoy
DavinderpalProtector of the King of Gods; A warrior for the king of Gods; A defender for the king of GodsBoy
DavionA potential and powerful beingBoy
DaviotA spiritual teacher and a beloved beingBoy
DavisSt. David's sonBoy
DavisonSon of David; an enthusiastic beingBoy
DavitAn eager and dynamic individualBoy
DavonDetermined workerUnisex
DavonteVow; courageous and bold individualBoy
DavoodA friend; helperBoy
DavorGod of war; one who has conqured joys and sorrowsBoy
DavorinA mythological name, meaning god of war.Boy
DavuStarting of a new ageBoy
DavudA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DavuluriSurname commonly found in Andhra PradeshBoy
DavuthCambodian word for money.Boy
DavyA cherished and precious individualBoy

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