457 Baby Boy Names That Start With De

DeaconThe servant of GodBoy
DeaganA dark-black haired guyBoy
DeaglanName of a Saint who is filled with goodnessBoy
DeagmundOne who acts like a bridge; a protectorBoy
DeagoThe one who has replaced someoneBoy
DeakinA messenger or a servant of GodBoy
DeakshitOne who initiates the action; frankBoy
DealbeorhtProud person; passionateBoy
DealbertA proud and prosperous individualBoy
DeanChief of a valley; leaderBoy
DeandreA helmet; strong individualBoy
DeaneAn angel; bright and boldBoy
DeangeloThey are born bold and beautiful; angelBoy
DeapakLamp; Kindle; A variant of name DeepakBoy
DearanA great solitary being; quiet oneBoy
DearbornOne who has great mental and physical strengthBoy
DearbournA Deer near a river; one who has experienceBoy
DearbourneOne with great health; deep riverBoy
DearburneA brook which is near a riverBoy
DeargAn alluring and bold personBoy
DearilCall of death; red hairedBoy
DeasiaAn insightful and diligent personBoy
DeavonOne who loves adventure and are passionateBoy
DeawAn ethical and diligent personBoy
DebabrataName of Bhismha; One who is wise and matured in thinkingBoy
DebajyotiThey have powers of GodBoy
DebamallyaA garland of god; tributeBoy
DebangshuOne who is philosophical; Wise and KnowledgeableBoy
DebanjanOne who works as a eyeliner of GodBoy
DebapamOne who resembles God; dedicatedBoy
DebareOne born during good times.Boy
DebarpitaA benedication; God's toolBoy
DebashisOne who is a blessing of God; powerfulBoy
DebashishOne who is lord of the ringsBoy
DebasisBlessings of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DebasishBlessings of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DebayanA development made by GodBoy
DebendraLord of the Sky; Lord of the heaven; One whose master is DevendraBoy
DebendranathLord of the Sky; Lord of the heaven; One whose master is DevendraBoy
DebeshPleased by Gods; One who is delighted by God;Boy
DebiprasadBlessings of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DebjitOne who has achieved victory over GodsBoy
DebodyutyGod's Light; Luminance and Radiance of GodBoy
DebpratimOne who is fully lighted and is under God's protectionBoy
DebrajA mighty, logical and powerful king; ruler of GodsBoy
DebsonOne who has authority and is renownedBoy
DebtoshGod's personal assistantBoy
DecaturOne who manufactures cloth; tenBoy
DecebalOne who is strong and powerful.Boy
DechaPower, a powerful personBoy
DecimusOne who came tenth in numberBoy
DeckerOne who works as a carpenter; rooferBoy
DecklanA majestic and caring SaintBoy
DeclanOne who prays and full of goodnessBoy
DecotaA friendly natured baingBoy
DedanHaving happinessBoy
DedicBosnian term, meaning grandfather.Boy
DedoA Lord; they are sympathetic beingsBoy
DedricOne who rules people and a great leaderBoy
DedrickA gifted and popular rulerBoy
DedrikOne who is a gifted and the most powerful rulerBoy
DeebakLamp; Kindle; A variant of name DeepakBoy
DeebendraLord of the Sky; Lord of the heaven; One whose master is Devendra; A variant of name DebendraBoy
DeedarOne wth beautiful eyes and vision; prized oneBoy
DeedeeA beloved being; raging one from the valleyBoy
DeegBlack-haired person; top ranking officerBoy
DeeganA black-haired personBoy
DeekshanDonation made to god; charityBoy
DeekshithOne who is business minded and analyticalBoy
DeeksithA prepared being; one who loves adventureBoy
DeelakshaOne who has the power and energy of windBoy
DeelipLight falling in the face; protectorBoy
DeemerA judge of character; explorerBoy
DeemsSon of servant; one with focusBoy
DeenA certain way of life; one who has faithBoy
DeenabandhavOne who is friends with the poorBoy
DeenabandhuA brother of poor peopleBoy
DeenadayaalA humble and merciful personBoy
DeenadayalanGreat Philanthropist; Humanitarian; Good Hearted Person;Boy
DeenanOne who knows; Wise; Knowledgeable;Boy
DeenanathLord who protects the poor; headBoy
DeenarA shining gold coinBoy
DeenathName of Lord Vishnu; caringBoy
DeenbabdhuA brother of poor and needy peopleBoy
DeenbandhuPoor's Friend; One who knows; Wise; Knowledgeable;Boy
DeendayaOne who is kind to poorBoy
DeendayalA merciful being; those who care for the poorBoy
DeenpalA protector; a friend of needyBoy
DeenpreetLove for the helpless and needy peopleBoy
DeenpremOne who loves the helpless; brilliantBoy
DeentekOne who supports the needy and helplessBoy
DeepLight; a generous and unusual beingBoy
DeepaanAn illuminating and radiant personBoy
DeepaanshA part of light; brightness coming from SunBoy
DeepabaliA row of illuminating lightBoy
DeepakalaA mesmerising evening time; everlastingBoy
DeepakashSky Full of Lamps; Bright; Glowing; Radiant; LuminousBoy
DeepakrajA kindle and radiant beingBoy
DeepamshuA part of light coming from a lampBoy

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