32 Baby Boy Names That Start With Dip

DipakOne who is a source of lightBoy
DipakaAn inflaming and exciting personBoy
DipakarniOne who can digest what they hearBoy
DipamshuDeep; Lamp; Source of Light; Bright and Radiant FlameBoy
DipankarOne who has a lamp in his handsBoy
DipankaraOne who loves to be in a peaceful stateBoy
DipankuraFlame coming out of a lampBoy
DipanshuRays of SunlightBoy
DipanthFriendly Characters; Companion; Good natured and AffectionateBoy
DipapuspaOne who has illuminating flowersBoy
DipayanLamp which emits lightBoy
DipenOne who is a Lord of the lightBoy
DipendraSun; Bright, Radiant and Luminous light of the SunBoy
DipenduGod of the Moon; they illuminateBoy
DipeshThey are a Lord of the Light; sky jewelBoy
DipinThey are exciting being; they destroy evilBoy
DipinderThey are the one who spread light; coming from lampBoy
DipitaA manifested being; inflamed; envy no oneBoy
DipmaniThey are the head of the householdBoy
DipokAn organized human being; natural leaderBoy
DiptakOne who destroys evil; great personBoy
DiptakirtaLord of Light; One who is giver of radiance, luminance and brightnessBoy
DiptanshuAnother name of Lord Surya; they are caring and daringBoy
DiptansuLord Sun; bright and sunny individualBoy
DiptanuOne who shines through all the problemsBoy
DiptapalaOne who is helps the poor; religiousBoy
DiptavrnaA master of fate; rare personBoy
DiptenA bright individual; one who collects pleasureBoy
DiptenduBright Moon; Luminant and Radiant moonBoy
DiptimanA radiant God; end of directionBoy
DiptmanaA heart which is full of love; gloryBoy
DipulA merciful and graceful personBoy

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