58 Baby Boy Names That Start With Div

DivaakarSun God; light of heavenBoy
DivaasFrom Divine; Spiritual; Religious; Pious; SacredBoy
DivadasaName of Lord of light; one who can appreciateBoy
DivakarAnother name of Sun God; they are charitableBoy
DivakaraLord of the light; Sun God; one who can transformBoy
DivakaranA child who is loved by GodBoy
DivamPure; Divine; Spiritual; Pious; ReligiousBoy
DivamaniOrnament of Day; Precious Wisdom of DivinityBoy
DivapatiAnother name for Sun; God is a JudgeBoy
DivarathaA chariot of the day; royal courtBoy
DivasabhartrSun; Bright, Radiant and Luminous light of the SunBoy
DivaspatiLord Indra; one who is lord of the dayBoy
DivaukasaA responsible sky dweller; compassionateBoy
DivavasuA treasure of the skyBoy
DivaymDivine; Spiritual; Superhuman; UniqueBoy
DivekarName of Lord Shiva; one who savesBoy
DiversA hero from the heaven; plays for the teamBoy
DivesOne who is a rich man; wealthy oneBoy
DiveshLight; Brilliant; Bright; Luminous; RadiantBoy
DivijOne who appeared from heaven; dearly lovedBoy
DivijataOne who has power to overcome every obstacleBoy
DivikThey are God's rays reaching the EarthBoy
DiviksayaOne who dwells in the heavenBoy
DivinanthanOne of the many names of Lord MuruganBoy
DivirajOne who prays to the heavenBoy
DivitA heavenly being; immortal personBoy
DiviyanshPeace of God and Divine Light; Spirituality; Pious and ReligiousBoy
DiviyeshThe Sun; a bright and shiny beingBoy
DivjenduA hermit in the vedas; the starBoy
DivleenA divine person; God is greatBoy
DivneshSun; Bright, Radiant and Luminous light of the SunBoy
DivodasAhalya's father; has infinite successBoy
DivodasaA pious person; servant of religionBoy
DivojaOne who has descended from heavenBoy
DivrajDivine; Spiritual; Right of KingBoy
DivsimarOne who remembers God.Boy
DivyLightable; One who can be enlightened; One who seeks DivinityBoy
DivyaanOne with a unique personality; briliantBoy
DivyaanshDivine Part; Spiritual WisdomBoy
DivyadehaOne with a divine body; strong and powerfulBoy
DivyamA Part of Divine; Smart; Talented; Cute; One who is spiritualBoy
DivyamanLife of a being; kindnessBoy
DivyanandA glorious human being; lovelyBoy
DivyangDivine Body; Religious; Spiritual; Pious;Boy
DivyangaDivine Body; Religious; Spiritual; Pious;Boy
DivyankPant of Light; Flame; Bright; Radiant; GlowBoy
DivyanshPart of Divine; Spiritual Wisdom; Religious; PiousBoy
DivyanshuOne who is majestic as the SunBoy
DivyansuOne with a divine light; SunBoy
DivyantHandsome; Smart; Appealing; AttractiveBoy
DivyasanuOne who has a divine glow on his faceBoy
DivyatejA Prophet; Seer; A forecaster; A SpiritualistBoy
DivyathaWhite; Bright; Luminant; RadiantBoy
DivyatmaA superior person; they have a great personalityBoy
DivyenA bright and heavenly MoonBoy
DivyenduThe Moon; they are happy and intelligentBoy
DivyeshA Sun; they are the head of GodBoy
DivyodakA mature and experienced beingBoy

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