26 Baby Boy Names That Start With Dor

DorGeneration; one who is habitation nameBoy
DoraiKing; Ruler; Emperor; Lord of the kingdomBoy
DoranStranger; one who has a wandering spirit and is in exileBoy
DoraneOne who is on exile; a wandererBoy
DorghamA faithful servant of God; unique and specialBoy
DorianCame from the district of Greece; a war heroBoy
DorienName of the legendary hero of GreeceBoy
DorijanCroatian form of Dorian, meaning child of the sea.Boy
DorinAn individual who is determined yet tender heartedBoy
DorionDescendant of Dorus; young and handsomeBoy
DorjanA dark man; efficient and lovingBoy
DorjeUnbreakable; Unconquerable; Invincible; UndefeatableBoy
DorjeeIt's a Shining Light; Ever Glowing; Gleaming; RadiantBoy
DorleeA generation who lives in the homeBoy
DornarA clever and quick witted individual; sightBoy
DornardThey are the ones who rule the worldBoy
DoronA present; they are helping naturedBoy
DorranceA stranger who has a inner desireBoy
DorrelThey are stranger and have a great sense of humourBoy
DorrellA stranger who is sensitive and love limelightBoy
DorrenA stranger who is very confidentBoy
DorrinThe one who is dark browned coloredBoy
DoruClearing Away; To Wash; To Flow; Purify; CleanBoy
DorwinDarling or belovedBoy
DoryuOne who understands the ways of a dragonBoy

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