218 Baby Boy Names That Start With Du

Du-Ho (뒤호)Head and goodnessBoy
DuachA father of multitudeBoy
DuanaLittle dark OneUnisex
DuaneA beautiful song; black hairedBoy
DuanteHe who watches over the landBoy
DuardWealthy Guardian; who protects and savesBoy
DuarteProtector of the Land; one who watches landBoy
DuartrA rich guard.Boy
DubakuEleventh Born Child; very fortunateUnisex
DubbA playful person; adventurousBoy
DubemThe Lord is my shepherdBoy
DubravkoGrove or tree.Boy
DubriciiA brilliant, untiring and idealistic beingBoy
DubricioAn informal, organized and boldBoy
DubricusA smart, bold and dignified beingBoy
DucVirtuous and noble being; fortunateBoy
DuccaA Duke; a habitational nameBoy
DuccelA cool headed, comforting and emotional beingBoy
DuceA sweet and pleasant individualBoy
Duck-Hwan (오리 환)Return of the virtueBoy
Duck-Young (오리 영)The virtue is unchanging and everlastingBoy
DudBelongs to the people's meadowBoy
DuddOne who is praised and worshippedBoy
DuddaRound; one who is all round and likes developmentBoy
DuddelAmbitious and loving person; diplomaticBoy
DuddelaThey are loyal, diplomatic and untiringBoy
DudduMilk; Love of Sun; One who love bright things like SunBoy
DuddyPeople's Meadow; a black descendentBoy
DudelOne who is beloved, favorite or darling.Boy
DudelyDudda's cleaning; they are livelyBoy
DudemaerA diplomatic and ethical, moderate beingBoy
DudemanCow Boy; one who is cool temperedBoy
DudleyThey lead and organize; Dudda's cleaningBoy
DuducA daring, organized and untiring beingBoy
DuelCombat; a mature and responsible beingBoy
DuerHero; they are very mature and confidentBoy
DuffDark Skinned person who is capableBoy
DuffyBlack one; son of an elegant beingBoy
DuganOne who has a dark skinBoy
DugantDirection; Endless; Horizon End of Sky; InfiniteBoy
DuggaBengali Dialect for Mother Goddess Durga; Variant of name DurgaBoy
DuglasDark Stream or riverBoy
DuguCute; Loving Son; Clever; Appealing; Delightful; Charming; Attractive; PreciousBoy
DuhaBefore noon, Morning; time of forenoonUnisex
DuhkhaDistress; Sorrow; SadBoy
DuhmusLiberal; one who is royal and efficientBoy
DuhsasanaA ruler who has strong and tough skinBoy
DujTime of celebration; tikaBoy
DukaAll; free detailed and determined personBoy
DukeThe royalty title used as nicknameBoy
DukoDuko is derived from Doede, meaning a famous wolf.Boy
DukuThe 11th born.Unisex
DukulResting at a shoreBoy
DulalOne who is dearly lovedBoy
DulalaLoved one; one who cares about eveyoneBoy
DulamahTall and Dark; a determined and efficient personBoy
DularLove and affction towards childrenBoy
DularaIt means the loved one in sanskrit only used for Boys.Boy
DuldulIman Husain's horseBoy
DuleepProtector or Guardian of DelhiBoy
DuliHappy; Delighted; Joy; Pleasant; GladBoy
DuliduhaOne who collects pleasures and joysBoy
DullOne who toils and works; constableBoy
DumanSmoky; one who is very supportive and helpfulBoy
DumbbuttA fun loving personBoy
DumeResembling a bull; one who is very strong and confidentBoy
DumgualLucky, mature and likable personBoy
DumiOne who inspires others; they are powerfulUnisex
DumindaThe Bo tree or Bodhi treeBoy
DuminiBright; Radiant; Luminous; Glowing; GloriousBoy
DumitruA silversmith; in a creative fieldBoy
DumizzianuSicilian form of Domitianus, meaning having been tamed.Boy
DumnagualOne who is a guardian angelBoy
DumngualA decent, understaning and honest beingBoy
DunBrown skinned soldier; fortBoy
DuncanDark Warrior; they are filled with powerBoy
DundappaMature, able and handsome personBoy
DundhuPunishment; idealistic and expressiveBoy
DundhubiBuzzing sound by HoneybeeBoy
DunduA very efficient musician; practicalBoy
DundubhaName of a Snake; Lord ShivaBoy
DungA brave and compassionate beingBoy
DungarThey are filled with energyBoy
DunhamA homestead on the top of hillBoy
DunixiNurturing God of wineBoy
DunleahA beautiful hill meadowBoy
DunleyOne who is from the hill meadowBoy
DunnOne who has dark complexionBoy
DunnagualA strong personalityBoy
DunnapothuOne who is strong as a buffaloBoy
DunneOne with brown complexionBoy
DunnereDark brown colored; shadowBoy
DunnucaA non judgemental, communicative and diligent beingBoy
DunstanHill; one who is dark as the stoneBoy
DunstonHilltop; one who likes limelightBoy
DuntonA settlement name; hillBoy
DunyanaA loving and caring individualBoy
DuoaudA male and virile individualBoy

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