219 Baby Boy Names That Start With Du

Du-Ho (뒤호)Head and goodnessBoy
DuachA father of multitudeBoy
DuanaLittle dark OneUnisex
DuaneA beautiful song; black hairedBoy
DuanteHe who watches over the landBoy
DuardWealthy Guardian; who protects and savesBoy
DuarteProtector of the Land; one who watches landBoy
DuartrA rich guard.Boy
DuレanThey are greatest warriorsBoy
DubakuEleventh Born Child; very fortunateUnisex
DubbA playful person; adventurousBoy
DubemThe Lord is my shepherdBoy
DubravkoGrove or tree.Boy
DubriciiA brilliant, untiring and idealistic beingBoy
DubricioAn informal, organized and boldBoy
DubricusA smart, bold and dignified beingBoy
DucVirtuous and noble being; fortunateBoy
DuccaA Duke; a habitational nameBoy
DuccelA cool headed, comforting and emotional beingBoy
DuceA sweet and pleasant individualBoy
Duck-Hwan (오리 환)Return of the virtueBoy
Duck-Young (오리 영)The virtue is unchanging and everlastingBoy
DudBelongs to the people's meadowBoy
DuddOne who is praised and worshippedBoy
DuddaRound; one who is all round and likes developmentBoy
DuddelAmbitious and loving person; diplomaticBoy
DuddelaThey are loyal, diplomatic and untiringBoy
DudduMilk; Love of Sun; One who love bright things like SunBoy
DuddyPeople's Meadow; a black descendentBoy
DudelOne who is beloved, favorite or darling.Boy
DudelyDudda's cleaning; they are livelyBoy
DudemaerA diplomatic and ethical, moderate beingBoy
DudemanCow Boy; one who is cool temperedBoy
DudleyThey lead and organize; Dudda's cleaningBoy
DuducA daring, organized and untiring beingBoy
DuelCombat; a mature and responsible beingBoy
DuerHero; they are very mature and confidentBoy
DuffDark Skinned person who is capableBoy
DuffyBlack one; son of an elegant beingBoy
DuganOne who has a dark skinBoy
DugantDirection; Endless; Horizon End of Sky; InfiniteBoy
DuggaBengali Dialect for Mother Goddess Durga; Variant of name DurgaBoy
DuglasDark Stream or riverBoy
DuguCute; Loving Son; Clever; Appealing; Delightful; Charming; Attractive; PreciousBoy
DuhaBefore noon, Morning; time of forenoonUnisex
DuhkhaDistress; Sorrow; SadBoy
DuhmusLiberal; one who is royal and efficientBoy
DuhsasanaA ruler who has strong and tough skinBoy
DujTime of celebration; tikaBoy

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