81 Baby Boy Names That Start With Dur

DurabA big door.Boy
DurabahA very bold and courageous personBoy
DurableOne who maintains a lasting impressionUnisex
DuradhamaThe one who has leadership qualitiesBoy
DuradharaOne who is difficult to withstandBoy
DuraiConqueror; Ruler; Emperor; One who is undefeatableBoy
DuraimuruganOne of the many names of Lord MuruganBoy
DurairajThe one who is a King of the royalsBoy
DuraisamiAnother name of Lord MuruganBoy
DuraivanOne who is very sensitive and loyal personBoy
DuraivelThey are creative and interesting peopleBoy
DuraiveluThey are the ones who have a majestic personalityBoy
DuralabhAn enduring and compasionate personBoy
DuranA firm and enduring human beingBoy
DurandA strong, heroic sonBoy
DuranjayaThey are enduring and longlastingBoy
DurantAn unbending person; enduring oneBoy
DuranteOne who is inaccessibleBoy
DurapaPrecious jewel; gold, pearl, coralBoy
DurarName of Lord Vishnu; slayer of enemiesBoy
DurarihanThey are very difficult to be foundBoy
DurasadaDifficult to be foundBoy
DuratyaAn ambitious person; guardianBoy
DuraydAn innocent and loving personalityBoy
DurbailA Heroic Son; Valiant; Brave; Gallant; LaudableBoy
DurdamaOne who is difficult to subdueBoy
DurdamanaThey are very difficult to be subduedBoy
DurdarsinOne who likes to meditateBoy
DurdharsaOne who can be difficult to be assaultedBoy
DurdharshhaThe Inviolable; Unbreakable; UninfringeableBoy
DureauStrong, determined and stubbornBoy
DurellOne who is King's doorman; strongBoy
DureshahwarOne precious being who loves to winBoy
DurgadasA servant or the devotee of DurgaBoy
DurgadasaA devotee of Goddess DurgaBoy
DurgaduttA gift of Goddess DurgaBoy
DurgamsaGift of Goddess Durga; A blessing of Goddess Durga; A present from Goddess DurgaBoy
DurgeshOne who is the LOrd of the fortsBoy
DurgeshaProtector of Fort; Defender of Fort; Guardian of FortBoy
DurgeswarLord of the Fort; God of the FortBoy
DuribabuA majestic and enduring personBoy
DurielOne who considers God as his homeBoy
DurijeshOne who shines like the MoonBoy
DurimuthuName of almighty LordBoy
DurinA mythical dwarf; magical and enchantingBoy
DurjaOne who is invincibleBoy
DurjanOne who has a naughty heartBoy
DurjayDifficult to Conquer; Undefeatable; Invincible; UnbeatableBoy
DurjayaOne who is difficult to conquerBoy
DurjoyMoon; One who is luminant and radiant like the moonBoy

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