39 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ec

EccaOnly one; Born to help othersUnisex
EcchitWanted; Desired; Wished; Craved; Longed; Aspired; YearnedBoy
EcchvakuA King; Ruler; Emperor; LeaderBoy
EcciEmotional person who is energizedBoy
EcgaAn emotional, clever and good individualBoy
EcgbaldA brave friend; they are clever mindedBoy
EcgbehrtHas analytical mind and is bright and shinyBoy
EcgbeorhtOne who has high level of understanding; quick thinker and intelligentBoy
EcgbertA sharp edge of a swordBoy
EcgelOne who is born with a friendly natureBoy
EcgfrithA born leader; name of a kingBoy
EcgheardA clever person; who is sharp wittedBoy
EcghereOne who is clever and makes decisions at right timeBoy
EcgiA stable, warm and motherly beingBoy
EcgmundStrong protector; one who is thoughtful and systematicBoy
EcgredAlert; one who is thoughtfulBoy
EcgricLoud as a thunder; having strong desire to succeedBoy
EcgtheowPeace; quiet; harmony; a heroic nameUnisex
EcgwaldBrought up by nature or in the environment of forest; ruler of lawBoy
EcgwineOne who is quick in actions; spontaneous and generousBoy
EcgwulfA clever being; has extravagant natureBoy
EcgwynnBlessed and fair being; self assertive personUnisex
EchezonannaDon't forget your God and your father.Boy
EckardOne who is strong like a swordBoy
EckardtA brave; edge pointBoy
EckartAn edge; one who is powerful and braveBoy
EckbertA bright sword; shiny metal or weaponBoy
EckeAn edge or corner of any spaceBoy
EckehardA German saying to motivate means be strong through the swordBoy
EckehardtA corner or a hidden edgeBoy
EckehartStrong; deer a scared oneBoy
EckerdOne who is sacred and connected with godBoy
EckertStrong and pointed as braveBoy
EckhardStrong as sword and sharp as a sword's edgeBoy
EckhardtA pointed edge; brave and strongBoy
EckhartTo keep on point that is able to cut or pierceBoy
Eckjeetthe only winner or victorious; who always succeedBoy
EctorFather of Arthur; to hold; keep under control or within the limitsBoy
EctoriusTo restrain; one who has imagibative and creative mindBoy

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