16 Baby Boy Names That Start With Edm

EdmaA prosperous guardian; one who shows light and wayBoy
EdmarOne who is like a wealthy seaBoy
EdmarkThe very famous tragedyBoy
EdmeOne who lives in a very fine protectionBoy
EdmeeHonourable and a gift of almightyBoy
EdmodRich defender; they are born to defend and protectBoy
EdmonA guardian; they are having a protective natureBoy
EdmondA very efficient and happy protectorBoy
EdmondeA protector; one who protects and is a saviourBoy
EdmondoA highly successful and productive beingBoy
EdmonnOf High status in societyBoy
EdmontHigh security; and has a protective natureBoy
EdmundSuccessful person; they have a unique styleBoy
EdmundaOne who has prosperity; name of a kingBoy
EdmundoA loving and passionate manBoy
EdmundusFortune loving person; one who has a heart of goldBoy

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