32 Baby Boy Names That Start With Eg

EgaiarasuKing of Charity; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
EgappanKing of Charity; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
EgberkBright swordBoy
EgbertSharp edge of swordBoy
EgbinA blunt, informal person; honorableBoy
EgbryhtEntertaining and warm hearted beingBoy
EgelbertA bright light of GodBoy
EgelwinA warm hearted and impulsive personBoy
EgertonProsperous warrior; name of a placeBoy
EgferthAn excitable, homey and respectful beingsBoy
EgfridHappy and mature individualBoy
EgfrithThey are wonderful human beingsBoy
EggbertSword or as sharp as sword.Boy
EggenPatronymic from Egge, meaning ridge or edge.Boy
EggertHardy and has a lot of potentialBoy
EggtherGuardian for the giants.Boy
EghainathanGod; Supreme Being; The AlmightyBoy
EgharevbaOne who is not bothered of enemies.Boy
EghwrudjakporI have come to stayUnisex
EgidioA shield bearer; name of a brave kidBoy
EgidiusA youthful and mature individualBoy
EgilOne who inspires frightBoy
EgillTerror, one who terrorizes others.Boy
EginhardStrong with a swordBoy
EginhardtOne who has the power to get strong with a swordBoy
EgonOne who gets strong with a swordBoy
EgoniaEdge of a swordBoy
EgredA sweet singing birdBoy
EgricOne who is eternal and self lovingBoy
EgwineA very good friend who is kind and nobleBoy

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