278 Baby Boy Names That Start With El

ElDerived from EleanorUnisex
EladGod is eternalBoy
EladioOne who came from GreeceBoy
ElafSafety, or securityBoy
ElahA curse made; an oak treeBoy
ElaisYahweh is life givingBoy
ElaisaGod has swornBoy
ElakkiyanOne who is accomplished in literatureBoy
ElamOne who is immortal; a virginBoy
ElamaranYouthful; Young Looking; Juvenile; One of many names of Lord Muruga in his young formBoy
ElaminOne who is very trustworthyBoy
ElamuruguYouthful; Young Looking; Juvenile; One of many names of Lord Muruga in his young formBoy
ElanA friendly and lovely person; a treeBoy
ElangoName of a Chera Prince who is author of Tamil Masterpiece Silappadhikara; A variant of name IllangoBoy
ElanoraThe leaves of the creeperBoy
ElaparnaOne of the cardamom creeperBoy
ElaputraOne who has a bright future aheadBoy
ElashShining; A Horse of the Sun; A Sage inscribed in Rig Veda; Name of sage who was helped by Indra against SuryaBoy
ElavarasanSon of King; Prince; Heir to throneBoy
ElavarasiA wise counsellorBoy
ElavarasuSon of King; Prince; Heir to throneBoy
ElaveA highly intellectual personBoy
ElavendhanHonourable Person in the World; One who is held with great respect and regardBoy
ElayarajKing of the Earth; Prince; Heir to throne; Son of King; A variant of name IllayarajaBoy
ElayarajaKing of the Earth; Prince; Heir to throne; Son of King; A variant of name IllayarajaBoy
ElazarHebrew - God is Help; God is my helper; God has helped; A variant of name EliezerBoy
ElazaroGod has helpedBoy
ElbertA bright and famous person; nobleBoy
ElberteThey are the one who help othersBoy
ElbhenThe child of the living beingsBoy
ElbridgeAn old bridge; strong and powerfulBoy
ElbyBattle elfBoy
ElcanahOne who is created by GodBoy
ElchananAlmighty is goodBoy
ElciOne with imaginative and creative mindBoy
ElcuA light hearted and exciting human beingBoy
EldadBeloved of GodBoy
EldanOne who resides in the valley of ElvesBoy
EldarOne who is born to fight with fireBoy
EldenOne who is from the valley or an old townBoy
ElderOne who has deep connection with the GodBoy
EldgrimThe one who was killed by Hrut Hejolfsson.Boy
EldidOne who is a believer in GodBoy
EldinOne who has a very powerful memoryBoy
EldonThe Elder; one from the valleyBoy
EldousA German Aldo; from an old houseBoy
EldraOne who is always taking God as oathBoy
EldredThey are very wise advisorsBoy
EldredgeOld and powerful rulerBoy
EldregeThey are powerful rulersBoy
EldrianA wise counselor of the battleBoy
EldricAn old and wise rulerBoy
EldrichThe one who has intellect of a sageBoy
EldrickA sage like rulerBoy
EldridThe one who is a wise rulerBoy
EldridaA brilliant wise advisorBoy
EldrigeWise ruler who is also a battle counsellorBoy
EldritchOld and insightful personBoy
ElduinA lonely and diplomatic personBoy
EldurOne who is from the Elder treeBoy
EldwinOne who is a wise ruler and advisorBoy
EldwynOne who is a born wise advisorBoy
EldwynnOne who is like an old friendBoy
EleasaA fantastic and humble beingsUnisex
EleasarThey are the one who get help from GodBoy
EleazarThe one who is helped by GodBoy
EledonOne who climbs the Leader's hillBoy
EleishaGod who provides salvationUnisex
ElemerA honourable and dignified individualBoy
ElendThe first ray of the sun in the morning.Boy
EleosOne who can appreciate the beautiful natureBoy
EleryA cheerful person who shares happinessBoy
EleshKing; Ruler; Emperor; Leader; ChiefBoy
EleuiaWish, one who wishes good for everyone.Unisex
EleuterioThe liberatorBoy
EleuverA free willed individual; they are passionateBoy
ElewaThey are exciting and determinedBoy
ElewisaAn intelligent and mindful personBoy
EleyarajKing of the Earth; Prince; Heir to throne; Son of King; A variant of name IllayarajaBoy
EleyarajaYoung Prince; Heir to throne; Son of King; A variant of name IllayarajaBoy
ElfordOne who came from the Alder treeBoy
ElfredAn efficient and popular human beingBoy
ElfridAn inspired advice who wants peaceBoy
ElfstanSolemn; lonely and efficientBoy
ElganOne who is high minded and full of compassionBoy
ElgarOne who shines like a spearBoy
ElgerSpear of an ElfBoy
ElginA white and noble personBoy
ElgineThey are noble and whiteBoy
ElgizouliOne who is born to bring peaceBoy
ElguedAn energetic and educated individualBoy
ElhamA beautiful inspirationBoy
ElhananGod is very good and is graciousBoy
EliSince a child they understand GodBoy
EliadaOne who has the knowledge of GodBoy
EliahThey are passionate about work; God is LordBoy
EliakimGod is going to developBoy
Eliamone who is the personal people of the LordsBoy
ElianA passionate and loving human beingUnisex

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