278 Baby Boy Names That Start With El

ElishaGod provides salvation and is stableBoy
ElishamaGod hears everyoneBoy
ElishebaOne who provides salvation; a GodBoy
ElisieMy God is salvationBoy
ElisotaEllis's son; one who is a good warriorBoy
ElissaThey are Eliss's son; strong and mightyBoy
EliuOne who has chosen his GodBoy
EliyahA form of Elijah. It means my God is Yahweh.Boy
EliyahuOne whho takes Lord as his GodBoy
EliyyahuThe Lord is my GodBoy
ElizeusOne who can seek and understand truthBoy
EljahGod is all-powerful and and mightyBoy
EljasWhere Yahweh is the GodBoy
EljinFreedom provider; one who is noble and white coloredBoy
ElkanA beautiful creation by GodBoy
ElkanahOne who is created and purchased by GodBoy
ElkinOne who is created by GodBoy
EllamAll; Everything; The Entire Universe; All inclusive; WholeBoy
EllappanOne of many names of Lord MahavishnuBoy
EllarA stable and loving individual; Monastey's stewardBoy
EllardA brave, noble and gentle beingBoy
EllaryElder tree; one who is native of the treeBoy
EllderAnother form of Elder tree; has strengthBoy
ElldredAn old and wise counselBoy
ElldrichAn aged and wise ruler; SageBoy
EllerA cheerful person who lives near an Alder treeBoy
EllereyA charming and cheerful person; an Alder treeBoy
EllerieOne who has a cheerful and friendly personlaityBoy
ElleryOne who came from Demeter; an Earth LoverUnisex
EllgarOne who is lik the shining spearBoy
EllgerOne who is born to spread joy and peaceBoy
ElliasYahweh is the GodBoy
EllingOne who is a descendant of a chiefBoy
EllingtonOne who belongs to the Ella's townBoy
ElliotJehovah is GodUnisex
ElliottJehovah is the powerful GodBoy
EllisElijah; One who considers Jehovah as GodBoy
EllisonSalvation; one who is the Son of ElderBoy
EllistonThe God is JehovahBoy
EllmerOne who has a noble heart and soulBoy
EllsonA person who is fully dedicatedBoy
EllstonThe one who belongs to the farmBoy
EllswerthClosure; a habitational nameBoy
EllsworthEnclosure; a habitational nameBoy
ElltonOne who is a brave God's fighterBoy
ElluTamil equivalent of Sesame SeedBoy
ElluchamiTamil equivalent of Sesame Seed which is considered SacredBoy
EllwoodThe one who belongs to the old forestBoy
ElmanElm; a compassionate and loving personBoy
ElmarThe one who is awe-aspiringBoy

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