83 Baby Boy Names That Start With Em

EmaanVictorious; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to God; Faith in religionUnisex
Emadthis name means support or pillar or confidence.Boy
Emanthis name means faith or belief.Unisex
EmankumVictorious; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted to God; Faith in religionBoy
Emanualthis name means lord almighty be with us.Boy
Emanuelthis name means god is with us.Boy
Emanuelethis name is used to describe that god is with us.Boy
EmarejedjeThe elderly also run for lifeUnisex
Embertosomeone who is a bright warrior.Boy
Embraceit means to hug someone or show affection.Unisex
Embresomeone who rules the hearts and homes of people.Unisex
Embrythis name means someone who is good at winning people's hearts and as a result enters their hearts and homes.Unisex
Emekthis name means valley.Boy
Emekain Igbo this name means great deeds or god has done a lot.Boy
Ememthis name signifies peace.Boy
EmeneDon't do harm; Do not hurtUnisex
Emengarthe meaning of this name is precious.Boy
EmenikeIt's not by might or power.Boy
Emenjartthis means someone who has great strength.Boy
EmerhoA special type of catfishBoy
Emerithis is a name for someone who is thought to have brave powers.Boy
Emericthis name means a born leader.Boy
Emerichthis means someone with power and who is a leader.Boy
EmericoThe power of work.Boy
Emerila powerful leader is often denoted by this name.Boy
Emersonthis name is often used for describing a strong and powerful leader who is extremely brave.Boy
Emerya hardworking, brave and powerful ruler was used to be called by this name.Boy
Emerykthis name has the meaning work power.Boy
Emerythit means an industrious leader with work power.Unisex
Emestit has meanings like serious, being determined or a feeling of earnest or great vigour.Boy
Emetthis means whole or universal truth.Boy
Emeteriothis name means someone who deserves unending affection.Boy
EmetitiriMine is famousBoy
Emidiothis is a name in the honour of Saint Emegdius a patron against earthquake who lived during 3rd century and was a bishop.Boy
Emigdiothis is the Spanish form of the Saint Emigdius who was a saviour against earthquakes.Boy
Emilthis means a person who is lively and eager.Boy
Emileit means excellence.Boy
Emileighthis name means somebody who is trying to excel or equal a rival.Boy
Emilianit means excellent or the desire to excel.Boy
Emilianothis name means someone who is industrious and has the zeal to work hard.Boy
Emiliosomeone who tries to emulate or a rival.Boy
EmilsVariant of Emile. It means eagerBoy
Eminit means someone who is trustworthy or confident.Boy
Emira prince or a commander or a general of the army.Boy
Emitsomeone who has everything or is universal.Boy
Emitta powerful person known all over the universe.Boy
Emlensomeone who is eager or industrious.Boy
Emlynone who is eager for excellence or highly industrious.Boy

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