33 Baby Boy Names That Start With Eo

Eofora boar in Old English.Boy
Eoforhearda firm wild boar.Boy
Eoforichduring the Norman conquests a battle concerning boars.Boy
Eoforwealda brave leader.Boy
Eoforwicsomeone from the bear state.Boy
Eoghanborn of yew or youhtful.Boy
Eohherean ancient name meaning someone from the ancient lake country.Boy
Eohrica very powerful ruler.Boy
Eoingod is good or god's gift.Boy
Eomerfamous war horse.Boy
Eonanoath or little seal.Boy
Eoppaa royal prince.Boy
Eorcenbehrta prince riding on a stallion.Boy
Eorcnasomeone who rides a stallion.Boy
Eorconbealda mounted stallion.Boy
Eorconbehrta German word for a mounted stallion.Boy
Eorcongotaa German word meaning horse or a stallion.Boy
Eorconwealdan Anglo-Saxon word for a mounted stallion.Boy
Eoredcavalry or band or troop.Boy
Eorkonwealda group of horse mounted riders of Rohirrim.Boy
Eorla nobleman or chief of a tribe.Boy
Eorlanda noblemen's land.Boy
Eorllanda land belonging to noblemen.Boy
Eorlsona nobleman's son.Boy
Eormenburhpeople belonging to noblemen's landBoy
Eormengarda strong person from a nobleman's land.Boy
Eormengildit means public pledge.Boy
Eormenraedan Irish word meaning a public oath.Boy
Eormenreadsomebody who has undertaken a public oath.Boy
EorpGreek mythological word for Europe.Boy
Eorpherea word used in Greek mythology for describing Europe.Boy
Eorpwalda king of East Anglia.Boy
Eosterwinean ancient Christianity father in Anglo-Saxon culture.Boy

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